How to fit in heirlooms of time in your modern-day homes?

Heirlooms are personal treasures that we all cherish deeply. Be it books, clothes, or furniture, these inherited pieces will always hold a special place in our hearts.

That being said, is there a particular heirloom furniture for which you’re trying to find a special place in your home instead? Are you struggling to make the old one fit in with the new? Even if you don’t have one, here’s your chance to get a piece of art and pass it on to your future generations as an heirloom. 

Here are a few tips that can help you fit your vintage heirlooms in your modern house.

Memento of the past 

Remember the side stool with cut work that grand pa used to put his tea cup and glasses on? If you’re one of those few who have such a beautiful family heirloom then place it in your living room or next to your bed today! If not, well then grab one from Pepperfry. No matter how trendy your decor theme is, this piece will seamlessly blend in with other furniture pieces.

Make a bold statement

Do you have a piece of furniture that is really distinct? Don’t take away its charm by trying to make it fit in when you can make it stand out instead. Use this item, whether a grandfather clock or a grand old couch, as a statement piece and complement it with more modern pieces. You can upgrade the furnishing if needed while highlighting its unique vintage quality. Wooden pieces are usually great for this purpose since they are durable and can easily be moulded into all kinds of decor environments.

Use your old rugs 

Did you know that old rugs and fabrics are excellent upholstery materials for modern furniture? If you have an old rug that is simply gathering dust in a corner, you can use it to revamp an ottoman or a stool. Not only does it help you jazz up your decor but also seamlessly brings together the flavours of old and new in one single piece. 

Colour of tradition 

One of the best things about Indian culture & traditions is the colourful appeal it brings to every single thing. The same applies on furniture, an heirloom that’s as colourful as the footstool below can the used as a centre piece in your living room. The bold colours and intricate design just makes it catch your eyes. Pait it up with a wing chair or simply place pair of it close to your centre table. We suggest to get one home and turn it into an heirloom.

Those were a few ideas on how you can combine the old and the new in your modern-day home. For more product options and ideas, head over to the Pepperfry website now!

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