#BalconyInspiration How To Create A Cute And Cozy Balcony

In our Indian households, balconies are mostly used to dry the clothes or grab some fresh air. But, as we spend more time at home, we have realized the importance of this very under-rated space. Let’s add some color to your balcony and make it go from drab to fab in 4 easy ways:

  • Incorporate Plants

You can never go wrong with adding plants to your balcony, as it brings in the right amount of both life and color. How to arrange them is entirely up to you. If you do not want your balcony to look like a jungle, then a few potted plants arranged randomly does the trick.

If you are a gardening enthusiast, then the best way forward is to get a grid-patterned holder to place your plants in a neat and orderly fashion.

  • Revamp The Flooring

There are two ways that people generally opt for when they want to make their balcony floors stand out. One is to get aesthetically pleasing flooring work done. You can choose from materials like wood, marble, or tiles.


However, if you want to be cost-effective, then colorful tarps are your solution. Throw in some floor pillows to make it look comfy.

  • Let The Lighting Work Its Magic

What really ties in the whole look of your balcony is the lighting you use. String fairy lights make the top of the list again, as they can be used any and everywhere.

Or else for a more steady and fixed option, you can always go for regular light bulbs and decorate them with creepers or other hanging ornaments like dream catchers.

  • Invest In Quality Furniture

Furniture need not be integral, but it does matter. In the case of balconies, you would want to go with the minimalistic decor– a tiny coffee table or foldable chairs. Hammocks with colorful sheets are also in trend. Setting it up can be a tedious task, but it’ll be worth it. Low stools are also a great and versatile option.


Pro Tip: When buying furniture & accessories for your balcony, try to opt for water-resistant materials or keep them covered with plastic sheets during the monsoon. Happy Furniture to You 😊

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#BalconyInspiration How To Create A Cute And Cozy Balcony