Color Trends What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2021

aciano-sofa-cum-bed-in-yellow-colour-by-casacraftAfter the travesty of 2020, we could all use warm, optimistic colours to add a positive and joyful touch to our home. This theme of positivity is driving the choice of colors in interior design for the current year.

Summery, bright and cheerful colours are currently the hot favourite trends across industries, especially in home decor. Let’s give you a little tour of 2021 colour trends, and hopefully, you can find some inspiration for your home decor plans.

1.      Pastels are in

Pantone’s top colour palettes for 2021 are ‘Summer Bouquet’ and ‘Intoxicating.’ While the former is a combination of pinks, oranges, and nudes, the latter is a more cheerful mixture of yellow, greens, and pinks.

The use of pastel-coloured furniture in home decor is highly recommended for this year – a vibrant wall, a mint green couch, or a pink pouffe can transform your space’s energy for the better.



The Intoxicating palette is indeed a great fit for your living room since it’s warm, welcoming and can uplift the spirit of anyone in that room immediately.

2.       Earthy Colours to Reconnect with Nature
Being stuck at home and not able to travel has cut off many from their connection with nature.  Therefore, one of the top trends in home decor design for 2021 is the generous use of earthy colours in interiors. These colours remind you of nature and have an instant soothing effect on you, which is excellent for stress management.


Shades like green, blue, browns, and nudes are great for the earthy effect. So maybe bring home a new wooden work desk? Or how about a beautiful blue shelf to expand your storage space?


Another pro tip is to make generous use of artificial/natural plants in your home decor design to give it a genuine touch of green. Besides, plants = positivity, and we could all use more of that in our lives.

3.       Muted Nudes and Warm Neutrals

Neutral colours have dominated the fashion industry for a while now, so it’s no surprise that warm and muted beige, brown, and golden hues are capturing the imagination of interior designers for this year.the-loyal-royal-in-blue-oil-acrylic-canvas-stretched-painting-by-paintdcanvasA brown or beige couch coupled with golden cushion covers might seem like a simple combination but have the power to exude warmth and comfort and even muted regalia.

A brown or beige couch coupled with golden cushion covers

Mix and Match – Have Fun!

Get started on transforming your home with some of the hottest colour trends from 2021. Spread the message of hope and strength far and wide. Head over to the Pepperfry website for a start!



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