10 Nostalgic Home Décor Styles That Are Back In Trend In 2022

10 Nostalgic Home Décor Styles That Are Back In Trend In 2022

Do you ever come across an old gramophone in someone’s house and it reminds you of the one that your grandparents used to own? Or how about a specific furnishing that you spotted in a store, which reminds you of your ancestral home?

Home decor styles are incredibly powerful triggers of one’s memory, since they make up one’s surroundings. If you are getting a little nostalgic about old trends, well good news! These nostalgic trends are making a comeback in 2022!

There are some style trends that never really go out of style, so here are a few nostalgic home decor ideas that are going to be big in 2022. So, let’s dive in and check out the top 10 such trends!

Nostalgic Home Decoration Ideas That Are Trending in 2022

Home is where the heart is – so if your home needs a makeover, first look into your heart and think of the memories you have. Many popular home decor styles come from a place of nostalgia. Here are 10 such trending home decor styles in 2022, that you can consider for your home.

Vintage Wallpaper For Home Decor Design

Remember that time in the 90s when every popular sitcom or show had homes with beautiful wallpaper on the walls? The wallpaper trend hasn’t gone out of style and you will see numerous home decor influencers bringing back the trend in quirky ways.

If you are a fan of wallpapers for home decor design, go ahead and give this trendy yet old-school home decor idea a try. For a more vintage vibe, go for retro designs when picking out your wallpaper.


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One of the biggest advantages of using wallpaper in your home is that they are easier to replace as compared to wall paint. Wallpapers are a more economical choice, especially if you like to reinvent your home decor every few years. You can replace your existing wallpaper with a new one and voila, your walls are as good as new!

Flashback Wooden Furniture

In the old days, wood was the main material used for making furniture. Today, it continues to dominate furniture finish. If you are looking for home decor ideas for the living room, especially in the furniture department, you can always rely on wood.

Wooden furniture, besides being extremely stylish and timeless, offers great value for money. As a material, it is highly durable and free from rust or corrosion, which ensures that the furniture will be good as new with minimum maintenance.

Explore different types of wooden couches, coffee tables, bookshelves, and floating shelves for the decor in your living room. A fun way to experiment with colors while using wood is to use different kinds of wooden hues, ranging from warm neutral colors to more rich, dark-tinted wood.

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home decor while keeping the furniture traditional, use furnishings made from materials such as velvet or leather. These add a modern and glamorous touch to wooden furniture, giving it the nostalgic vibe.

Pretty Paneling For Your Home

The 60s were a wild time, but also an innovative time in fashion and decor. One of the biggest home decor trends back in the 1960s was the trend of wood paneling. You will see that most houses built during that time, especially in the West, have an element of wood paneling!

This trend is making a huge comeback in 2022 as many designers are exploring this trend to add a touch of contrast to their walls. When it comes to using it in home decor, the living room might be the best place to showcase it. However, it also works perfectly for other areas of your home such as the bedroom or study room.


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An easy way to integrate this trend into your home decor is to section out a part of your living room wall and install a wood panel there. You can add some floating shelves to this panel to create a display section in your living room. Make sure the wooden panel for the base is a different hue than the wood used for the shelves, to create a striking contrast.

Tufted Sofas That Spell Luxury

You know how those glamorous tufted sofas in the retro living rooms of the olden days just spell out charm? These sofas in pop colors were such a hit and continue to be used in both residential and commercial spaces.

If your old sofa is seeming a little drab and you want to replace it with something brand new, consider jumping on board the tufted sofa trend train. A tufted sofa comes in various designs and colors, ranging from diamond-shaped or square-shaped clusters in leather or another upholstery material.

We recommend choosing a tufted sofa with a wooden base since that is the most sturdy and durable kind. In terms of the color, you could use a pop color if you have more neutral walls in your living room. If you already have a bright color scheme going on with the walls, stick to a more neutral color such as beige or brown.

Stylish Hanging Mirrors

Whatever happened to the trend of hanging fixtures, especially mirrors, that used to be a classic back in the day? Well, we’ll tell you what happened to it. It is making a comeback in 2022!

Mirrors have been used extensively as part of different home decor styles and that trend is going strong. However, the use of hanging mirrors was a classic back in the day and that specific trend is making a strong comeback this year.


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Use this trend to decorate your living room, bedroom, washroom, and practically any other space in your home. Alternatively, use the hanging fixtures trend to display special lighting or decor pieces.

As for the mirror frames, you can go with stylish metal frames or if you want the true retro vibe, go for a wooden frame mirror with shelves for utility. Mirrors will also help open up the space in your room by making it look larger and reflecting plenty of natural light.

Pop Art Colors From The 80s

If you Google 80s fashion, you will see that the era was all about going big and going bold. The trend of neon colors was at its peak in the 80s and it was also a popular time for art deco style decoration ideas for home.

So, if you want to infuse some of the 80s vibes into your home, we have the perfect idea for your home decor design. Invest in pieces with pop art colors for your home and it will instantly recreate the 80s vibe for you. Cushion covers, furnishings, decor pieces, and fabric for hanging, are a few off-the-cuff ideas for adding pop color to your home setup.

When using this trend, the keyword to remember is balance. Do not go over the top with the pop colors, since they can create a jarring effect for the eye. Try to balance it out with some neutral and muted colors to create the ‘pop’ effect that pop art colors are known for.

Rugged Furniture Pieces

Rugged furniture or the industrial rustic decor trend is such a classic one that it never really went out of style. However, it is being revived with a modern twist and is a raging trend for the upcoming year. This one is a very safe trend to go with since it is quite timeless and will be in fashion for decades to come.

If you love the industrial-chic decor, instead of going the ultra-chic way, opt for the more rustic vibe. It is quite soothing to the eyes and also adds a lot of warmth and authenticity to your space. If you want to craft a calm and cozy corner for yourself in your home, this decor trend will be the one that helps you achieve that.

Carpets Never Left The Style Radar

If you grew up in a home with a carpeted  floor, then you grew up in a very cool home! If not, this is your chance to bring the trend to your place! Carpets can make one feel nostalgic and are associated with retro as well as modern fashion and design.

If you are looking for home decor ideas for your living room, a retro-themed carpet is the way to go! While a traditional printed carpet is the classic one, you do not necessarily have to stick to the same pattern or texture.

Feel free to experiment with the color and dimension, if you wish to do so. To add some more pizazz to this decor theme, you could also use retro decor pieces as complementary decor items to complete the theme.

Retro Bar Cart

Smoking a cigar and drinking your whiskey from a vintage bar cart, is the definition of an old mafia movie, isn’t it? If that is the vibe you are trying to channel in your home, then having a retro bar cart is non-negotiable in your home.

A bar cart is usually a very smart choice in terms of bar furniture since it allows mobility and greater flexibility. The next time you have a house party, this cart can be moved from room to room, and guests can pour out their drinks instead of crowding around a small bar space in the corner.

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be a connoisseur of alcohol to have a bar cart in your home. A fun thing to do is to repurpose the bar cart into a multi-purpose cart. You could store your plants, and books or simply display the cart as a decor item by placing different decorative items on it.

In terms of the style, go for something minimal. Retro bar carts were more about the utility than the exaggeration of decor elements, so a minimal style captures the true essence of a retro bar cart.

Pat On The Back For Patio Furniture

If you are quite tired of seeing ideas pop up online for ‘Home Decor Living Room’, then switch to ‘Home Decor Patio’. Move beyond the confines of your house to explore design trends that can be implemented in your outdoor area.

Patios were a popular staple in American homes back in the day and in several Indian homes too. They are quite popular with modern standalone homes, considering families want to spend more time in nature and outdoors.

If you have a patio in your backyard or front yard, you have the scope to do some fun and exciting things with your patio furniture. Wicker furniture is a popular choice for patio furniture but to truly pay an ode to the old days, how about you get a wooden bench?

It is a great furniture piece to have for picnics with family and friends and to simply enjoy a nice day out in the sun.

Wrapping Up

Your home is a box of memories and if you want to invoke some of the warmth and nostalgia of older times, you have all the ideas you need for that. To find more such products as the ones listed above, head over to the Pepperfry website and order your modern dose of nostalgia now!

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