15 Stunning Wall Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Guests Wonder!

Your empty walls are blank canvases that you can get creative with. There are so many cool decor inspirations on the internet that you will have no trouble finding something that inspires you.

Want a comprehensive list of wall decor ideas to pick what works for you? We have put together a long and exciting list of wall art ideas, which you can use for your wall decoration at home.

From paintings to decorative pieces, here are 20 wall decor ideas for you to choose from and transform the blank wall canvases in your home into pieces of art!

1. Large Scale Wall Murals

Murals are a fantastic way to adorn your blank walls with beautiful artwork. If you have ever seen murals in someone else’s home, you are familiar with their stunning appearance. A mural is a remarkable visual that will immediately capture the attention of your guests.

You could commission an artist to paint a mural on one of your walls, or it could be a readymade mural that you install in your home. When picking the design for wall art, let your heart lead the decision and pick something that resonates with you.


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2. Hang Up Stylish Mirrors

Mirrors can create a stunning visual effect in your home by reflecting light from different angles. If you place them intelligently at the appropriate angles, they can make your room look more open and spacious.

If you have a compact space, we highly recommend using mirrors to open up the space. Additionally, mirrors with stylish frames are frequently used to add a touch of glamour to your wall decoration at home.


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3. Wall Hanging Tapestry

This trend is currently raging in the interior design sector and is becoming quite popular with each passing season. If you have a special place in your heart for fashion, you would especially enjoy hanging up an exquisite tapestry on your wall.

You could go by colour, material or pattern when picking a tapestry to display. For example, if you are using materials like velvet and silk in your decor, then displaying a beautiful silk tapestry can help maintain a coherent glam vibe for the room.

4. Sticker Art for Edgy Vibes

Bring the post-punk Berlin vibe to your home and go all out with some cool sticker art. If you are an avid collector of stickers, you could put together a statement wall with just stickers.

The overall effect of this decor is quite edgy and cool. It is especially a great idea if you have a pin-up board at home. You can display your sticker collection on the board, and if you ever need a change of view, you could always take down the board.

5. Proudly Display Your Wanderlust


If your Google Maps timeline constantly keeps updating with the different places you travel to, you should proudly display it on your wall. This wall art for the living room will truly reflect who you are.

Put up a large map installation and mark the places you have travelled to. You can customise this installation however you want to. You could mark the places with a pin or put up polaroids from your time there. It will also be a great conversation starter when you invite someone new to your home!

6. Unique Showpieces for Your Wall

Alright, before you start complaining about how showpieces are corny, hear us out. You don’t need to get a snow globe or a dancing ballerina as a showpiece. There are many unique and artistic products to pick from, so they can authentically reflect your taste.

A wooden mask or an antique gramophone on a shelf can be a cool decorative piece for your home. You could arrange an eclectic mix of showpieces on your shelves to create a beautiful wall decoration at home.

7. Chic Floating Shelves

Shelves are a functional and visually remarkable piece of wall decor that will never disappoint. You can stack your favourite books on a shelf and display your cute houseplants and other trinkets you have collected over the years.

You could also make some interesting patterns on your wall by arranging the shelves themselves. So, don’t hesitate to get creative about the shelf placement on your walls.


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8. Evergreen Artwork for Your Walls

There is nothing as traditional and evergreen as hanging up an art piece to decorate your wall. This is a consistent feature in all the wall art ideas list since it looks elegant and beautiful.

When picking art for your room, make sure both the art piece and the frame for the piece match the rest of the room’s vibe. If you are designing a more cosy space, you could use a wooden frame for the artwork to add some warmth to the room.

9. Design a Gallery Wall

Why stop at one painting when you can have a whole gallery at home? If you love collecting art and showcasing it, then use a wall of your home to showcase your collection of artwork.

Just ensure that the overall arrangement of the artwork is coherent and proportionate. You can use different types of art pieces, but having a standard frame colour might help create a consistent effect for the room.

10. Vintage Vibes with Vinyl Records

If you enjoy a vintage vibe in your home, there is no better way to create that effect than to use vinyl records. Your wall hanging ideas might be extensive, but vinyl records are honestly one of the most visually appealing wall decor inspirations.

You don’t have to buy expensive vintage records since you can specifically purchase vinyl records for wall decoration. If you decide to display some choice records, it’ll reflect your music taste and can be a great conversation starter at parties.


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11. Show Off Your Cute Houseplants

Plants can immediately liven up a place and make it seem fresh, open and alive. The use of plants in home decor is extensively documented, but it’s especially useful for wall decoration at home.

You can place your houseplants on top of shelves attached to your walls and give them the attention they deserve. You could also hang plants from your ceiling to rest in front of your wall and create a stunning visual effect. Just don’t forget to water them!


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12. Another Brick in the Wall?

No, we are not talking about the famous Pink Floyd album, although we love it! Instead, we are referring to the popular open brick wall decor trend you must have seen in some houses.

The exposed brick wall design can be easily integrated into your home decor. However, if you did not plan for it beforehand and cannot change your current wall architecture, you can simply use a vinyl or wall art sticker.

13. Wooden Wall Panel

Wooden wall panels are intricate, stylish and visually aesthetic. You will find elaborate wooden wall panels in many homes, and they immediately enhance the visual appeal of the walls.

Depending on your preferences, you can pick a minimal design or go for something super intricate. If you are going for a darker wood colour, display it against a neutral wall to make the contrasting effect more striking.

14. Map with a Twist

You must have seen people using a world map for wall decor, and it’s usually a solid choice. However, this wall decor trend is slightly dated. If you want to do something similar but with a twist, bring home an interpretive world map installation, like the one shown below.

A unique interpretation of a universal decor trend can set your wall apart from the usual stuff you see in other people’s homes.

15. Paint Your Art

Have you considered wall decoration with paint? If not, this is your cue to do so. From painting a landscape to using your child’s handprints – to create a cute corner, there is much you can do with paint!

You could integrate different bold colours to create simple wall painting designs for the living room or any other room. Having bold colours in your wall painting can create a striking contrast effect if the base colour of your wall is neutral. Even if you’re not much into getting your hands coloured, you can always depend on great creations by the maestros.

With this range of diverse ways to deck up your empty walls, we hope you now have plenty of wall decor ideas ready to use for your home. For an extensive catalogue of wall decor products, visit Pepperfry.com.

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15 Stunning Wall Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Guests Wonder!