Why Furniture Maintenance Matters: Keep Your Fixtures in Top Condition

And just like that, 2022 went by in a flash. The year is new, which means New You, New Resolutions, and hopefully, furniture that still looks new. Unless, of course, you’re the type who renovates their home every year, then all the power to you. We hope the nine muses continue to inspire you. 

Coming back to the furniture that looks and feels new, have you been keeping up with your furniture’s care and maintenance for the past year? Or are you the type who dusts your furniture every few weeks and thinks your task is done? Well, we’ve got news for you, and it ain’t pretty, which is a shame since 2023 could use a comely reboot. 

5 Reasons Why Your Furniture Needs More Care

If you belong to the tribe that has some heirloom furniture passed down through the generations, or really are the kind to take a liking to a particular furniture piece, like the vintage bookshelf, or the chair (no, not for piling clothes but for sprawling out), it is likely that you have been giving these pieces some TLC. Or have you? 

The hard facts are that it takes a lot more to keep furniture clean and fresh than just some regular dusting. Every furniture piece is different and requires a different kind of care. For instance, your wooden furniture could need some methodical polishing, or the upholstery could do with some routine deep cleaning. 

Wondering why? Read on to learn 5 reasons for taking better care of your furniture. We don’t want your favourite furniture piece to lose its sheen, now do we?

Keep Up the Appearance

Let’s face it, right after the walls; it is the furniture that makes the room. It could serve as the focal point—the way all the seating is arranged facing the TV in the living room, or it could be an extended representation of your personality, like art pieces.  

Now imagine, wait, why imagine, double back to the horrid memory when guests were over, and one fine but very drunk friend spilt some wine. Sure, that damp cloth salvaged the situation temporarily, but what about the grime buildup over time? 

And if you have got pets that shed, there is no way that occasional dusting is going to keep things clean for you. Since not all of us can have a robot maid like Janet to help us out, we do need a Good Place, so we cleanse deeply weekly or at least twice a month.  

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fresh your furniture looks and how much you end up saving long-term, as you aren’t replacing the furniture that often!

Protect from Weather Vagaries

Experiencing 5 different seasons in a year can feel like variety, but that also means more work when it comes to furniture maintenance.  

If you are living in parts where the temperature has fallen below single digits, then it’s time to save your furniture from dew, especially the wooden pieces that oh-so-love absorbing more moisture. Or the mould that takes home with us when we are homed in during the snowy or rainy weather. 

And if you, like Jaadu, love eating dhoop, please keep your furniture away from it. Although it does help with keeping your room bright and light, it’s doing your furniture no favours.

Remove Bacteria and Allergens for Better Health

If you’ve been coughing and sneezing more often, don’t blame it all on the weather—your furniture can be the culprit too. After all, when living in a country with severe pollution levels, dust is a huge issue, and so are allergens.  

Indeed, dust mites can gravely impact a home’s air quality, thus magnifying the chances of contracting the flu. And worst of all, a bacteria buildup over time could smell terrible.  

So, the next time you sit on your favourite sofa chair to enjoy a football match and wonder why it smells unpleasant, know it’s not the case of sour grapes, but because it’s time to clean out the bacteria.

Prolong Your Furniture’s Lifespan and Save Money

Unless you are playing Animal Crossing, constantly head-hunting for new furniture is probably not as fun, and God forbid you ever need to shop in another player’s town! Besides, it is hard to let go of your beloved sofa despite the faded upholstery—its comfort is like no other. 

And even if you don’t play favourites (excuse us, but… how?), furniture doesn’t come cheap. We would rather maintain the leather chair than be forced to go through another expensive overhaul.  

So, doesn’t it make sense to improve your furniture’s longevity by regularly wiping away the dirt, dust, and oils that scrape away at your fabric like sandpaper? 

Different Care Levels for Different Furniture

Finally, not all furniture can be cared for by following the same rule. Different fixtures require different care, ranging from normal soapy liquid to clean stubborn stains to silicone cleaners.  

Similarly, waxes, varnishes, and polishes are more relevant for cleaning wooden furniture as they create a durable layer on it. Thus, even though all that (ir)regular dusting is a necessity, it is inadequate. You will need to take out precious time from your Netflix and chill time over the weekends to carry out a deeper cleaning for your furniture. May the Goddess Hygea shine on you.  

Enhance Your Furniture’s Upkeep with Care Kits from Pepperfry

‘Whoa, whoa, WHOA.’ If your M-O mode (from Wall. E) is already on and you can’t wait to start your furniture cleaning exercise—we admit, there’s almost something spiritual about it, or is it stress-busting? Wait up!  

Finding the right cleaning methods for all your varied furniture will surely overwhelm you. And add to it the woes of hunting for cleaning supplies all over the internet…Yeah, the M-O mode would be shut down quick. 

Instead, how about upping your wood game with us Solid Wood Care Kit, a never introduced cleaning solution that combines all-purpose cleaners, wax scrapers, and polish sprays in one box?  

Or even better, get yourself a Fabric care kit if you are interested in children and pet-friendly cleaning solutions; it serves as the one-stop solution for all your deep cleansing needs from lint removal to cleaning brushes to a fabric protector and microfibre cloth–all in one place. 

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Why Furniture Maintenance Matters: Keep Your Fixtures in Top Condition