5 Nifty Tips for Buying a Chandelier for Home

Our homes are an extension of our personality, which means every home decor, hue, and light plays a role in reflecting our true selves. While the concept of layering of lights has caught on, with everyone opting for a mix of ascent lighting, hanging lights, wall sconces, and more, chandeliers add the real je-ne-sais-quoi to any home.

Unlike other lighting fixtures, the role of a chandelier for home is to serve as the center of the house or a room, as if it were a jewel, or a piece of art, serving oodles of aesthetic appeal. (And not as a falling chandelier of doom, unless you are Dobby, and your target is Bellatrix). They are exquisite pieces of lights that can add drama to any space, be it your dining room, bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

So, how should you choose a chandelier for home, and what kind of chandelier designs should you opt for? Read on to find out!

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Chandelier for Home

Having to choose from a plethora of chandelier design choices can feel formidable.

Should you opt for modern chandeliers or Victorian chandeliers? Should your chandelier have a contemporary feel, or should it be designed around the current sustainability trend? Or should you break the golden design rule of fitting a chandelier light in the center of the room and, instead, go for an accented look in the room’s corner?

…Ok, maybe the task is a little daunting after all. But not anymore! Time to demystify the process of choosing the perfect chandelier for home that not only screams glamor but fits right in with your décor.

Match the Chandelier Light to Your Design Theme

We get it. The Great Gatsby has woken the 1920s socialite in you, and you would love to have those Swarovski crystals on your ceiling. But do they really match your home? Are you a minimalist or a sucker for Bohemian decor? Then, maybe what you should be looking for in a chandelier design is the use of shades, beads, metals, wrought irons, or something sculptural, but not crystals that would stick out like a sore thumb, despite all that glimmer.

Basically, your chandelier for home must gel with your wallpaper, furnishings, and window drapes. Unless, of course, you want to overhaul your space and experiment by mixing Victorian and modern design elements—in that case, let us not keep you. Hey, you do You!

Pick the Right Chandelier Light Size

Imagine a tiny space decked up with a statement chandelier. Doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Could even feel claustrophobic for some. While an enormously-sized glitzy chandelier would feel right at home in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, your home might need something smaller unless you are looking for a swanky farmhouse chandelier to leave your guests awe-stricken.

Typically, chandeliers must fit in with your room’s dimensions. The right size is generally a summation of your room’s length and breadth in feet, which is then converted into inches. Of course, playing around with chandelier sizes doesn’t hurt if being a stickler for rules is marring your design aesthetic.

Choose an Impeccable Placing Position

Don’t go, “Oh, a chandelier, let’s place it in the middle of the ceiling” and be done with it. Instead, hang a modern chandelier in your room’s corner to create a reading nook. Or make it a functional ceiling light by placing it over your vanity.

You can elevate your home even further by installing kitchen chandeliers, or a Victorian chandelier that gets reflected in your bathroom mirror. Or even Jhumar lights overlooking your dining area. In short, all areas are game, except the floor, unless you are Katy Perry, wondering what you did last night, which, to be honest, is a little concerning too.

Be Cognizant of Ceiling Height

Imagine you extend your arm for a food bowl and (bam!) get hit by your dining area chandelier. Or when you are stretching after cooking delicious appetizers, and whoops, your hands hit your candle kitchen island chandelier. The problem isn’t the chandelier design but the height at which you hang your chandelier light.

 Ideally, a chandelier for home shouldn’t be hung too low unless you have a double-height ceiling or are planning to act out The Phantom of Opera. Having said that, suspending a dozen naked CFL lamps at various heights from your high-sloped wooden ceiling doesn’t sound half bad. Of course, it isn’t exactly a chandelier, but it twinkles just the same.

Sync it With Your Room’s Lighting Fixtures

Whether your room reflects a soft ethereal atmosphere or stimulates activity will largely depend on how your chandelier for home illuminates. If your room gets a lot of natural light, then your chandelier light could do with fewer bulbs, and you could safely opt for a rattan chandelier design.

But if you are going for a warm yet ‘grandeur and expensive’ look, then opt for Victorian chandeliers or Jhumar lights. Better yet, add dimmers to your chandeliers for when you are in the mood for love or war.

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5 Nifty Tips for Buying a Chandelier for Home