Welcome The Spring With Fresh Decoration Ideas

Spring is a wonderful season that comes with warmer weather and kicks the cold dark winter away. It’s a time of the year when people are happy to be finally able to open the windows at home and let the nice breeze and sunshine in. While the weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the everything outdoors seem to liven up, it’s about time for us to make the effort and freshen our homes up as well. A lovely way to make the best of the season is to bring the spring in. You can do this by decorating your place and making it look super welcoming, fresh and warm. The more spring-like environment you create, the better you will feel about spending time indoors. Here are our tips on how to decorate your home and welcome the spring with a smile.

Lighten It Up

One of the best things about spring is the fact that there’s much more sunshine which you are able to enjoy and thus feel happier. That’s why one of the first things you have to take care of to welcome the new season is to make sure you lighten your place up. Do this by letting as much sunlight as possible. You can store the thick curtains away and hang lighter ones that will let more sunshine in. If you want to buy new curtains, choose ones that are more colourful and joyful in order to create a more welcoming and fun atmosphere. There are many kinds and designs of curtain that you can find on the market, so go on and purchase the best ones for you. Another good idea you can try and let more sunlight in is to place a mirror in the room and position it in a way that it reflects the light and brings it indoors. This is a great way to use natural light and liven up your place.

Greenery And Flowers

Another thing you can do to welcome the spring, and it’s borderline obligatory to do, is to place as many flowers as you can in your house or apartment. Use fresh greenery and beautiful colourful flowers that will add an amazing warm vibe in your home. Place flowers and plants in nice vases and pots that will give a lovely finish to the decoration. Flowers are the sign of spring, the season can’t be the same without flowers, so make sure you have them in every room.

DIY Decoration Idea

If you want to give more colour to your place in order to welcome the spring, you can try a great decoration idea for your wall that you can make yourself. It’s an easy and very original painting that will surely bring a happy spirit to your room. What you need is a canvas (the size is up to you), crayons, glue and a hair dryer. Glue the crayons in the top of the canvas, as you position them one next to another. Put them in order as you wish. You can place them in a way that they form a rainbow, or you can simply shuffle them. Once they are glued, use a hair dryer to melt them, allowing the colours to spill down the canvas, creating a beautiful mix of colours. You can also write and draw something inspirational under the rainbow of melter crayons. Let it dry and it’s ready to hand on the wall. Beautiful, easy and creative.

Spring Furniture

The idea of sitting in a comfortable flower-printed chair on the porch and enjoying your time in the warm weather is super attractive. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a porch, you can create the same atmosphere indoors. First clean the place perfectly or hire a London cleaners to do that for you. Put a few garden chairs with floral prints and a table made of bamboo in your living room. Then place a vase with fresh flowers on the table, get a book and relax. You’ll see what a perfectly spring feeling this will give you.

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Welcome The Spring With Fresh Decoration Ideas