7 Sophisticated Ways to Turn Your House Into a Vintage Haven

Whether it is the recent increase in luxury collectible sales or the growing trends for botanical wallpapers blasting your Instagram feed, there is no denying that vintage-style decor has made a glorious comeback! And if you are one of the nostalgia lovers too, fed up with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the modern copy-and-paste apartments (ugh!), you are probably searching for some cool new ways to add vintage charm and character to your house interior.

After all, you don’t need to give up after doing the necessary rounds of flea markets and resale shops. Even if you have already got the vintage clocks and chandelier hanging in your living room, there is no stopping you from applying a little creativity to give your decor a fresher straight-out-of-Bakers-Street appearance!

Innovative Tricks for Your Vintage Decor

Alright, fasten your seatbelts because this is where the fun starts! There are numerous sophisticated yet creative ways to show your love of the bygone era and pack in a variety of past treasures in your home. All you need to do is play around with the primary vintage elements and add some of the accessories mentioned here, and soon, you will turn your house into a vintage time portal.

Paper Clipboards

If you are fortunate enough to own a copy of the originally published first chapter of Wuthering Heights, let the world know about it! Instead of hiding antique papers in your china cabinet, clip them together with rusted, old-fashioned clipboards, available at most resale shops, and hang them in your living room.

Vintage documents like postcards, excerpts from textbooks, and magazine advertisements become all the more glorious when you portray them originally for everyone to see.

Antique Picture Frames

Do you know what’s better than staring at a Van Gogh? Staring at a Van Gogh in a serene antique frame!

Now, you don’t have to cry in a corner if you don’t own a Van Gogh. Just get different sizes of old-fashioned picture frames and arrange them on a tabletop. You can even fill frames with keepsakes such as buttons, brooches, and medals against a beautiful velvet background and hang them on a wall. Or, if you are a true Friends fan, maybe you can just hang an empty picture frame on your door and call it a day.

Period Lights

Have you ever felt like stealing those crystal chandeliers from Breakfast At Tiffany’s just to complete your favorite Audrey Hepburn vintage impersonation? If your answer is a resounding yes, well, you are not alone!

But, don’t worry, you don’t even have to go that far. That’s because when it comes to vintage chandeliers, your options for sophisticated innovations are endless. Get some iron fixture chandeliers of varying sizes and hang them at different heights in your living room. You can even use vintage bottles as light fixtures to add a creative antique touch to your chandeliers.

Vintage Gold

Imagine the guilty pleasure of looking at your image in a wrought iron framed mirror with a brass embellished jewelry box sitting alongside. Go ahead, you can be forgiven (we think) for thinking you are Cleopatra reincarnated!

You can accentuate the antique ambiance of your living room by using gold or brass accents, fixtures, and fittings. Mirrors and portraits with golden frames will enhance the vintage quotient of your decor and add a layer of mystical elegance to it.

Wall Groupings

You may have already seen how vintage wall clocks add the element of timelessness to a house. But wall pieces do not have to be limited to clocks. You can group similar pieces of wall art collectibles, such as portraits and silhouettes, and layer them on your accent wall. Using different colors and sizes is a great way to make the group cohesive and more interesting.

Mix Antique Pieces From Different Eras

Can’t get enough of the Game of Thrones era? Well, you can recreate some of the Westeros vibe right in your living room!

In fact, every era has its own design that is unique and equally incredible. You can even go for a mixed decor and use vintage art pieces right from the Victorian era to Deco, the 40s, mid-century modern, Bauhaus, and even retro 70s. You can also throw in a balance of contemporary and vintage styles, for example, by using modern sofas with a vintage coffee table.

Trophy Collections

Trophies and silver cups are great vintage pieces in themselves that fill you with nostalgia. But you can be even more innovative with your collection and show off long-forgotten collectibles like feathers, arrows, dried greens, and sizzle sticks in them.

If you are a flea-market enthusiast and already own a set of antique trophies, there is no better place to display your other smaller collections that are gathering dust in cardboard boxes.

Fulfill Your Vintage Dreams Today!

So there ya go. Indulging in your vintage cravings can be an exciting as well as a deeply satisfying journey. From munching on Traditional Home articles to visiting the last vintage store in the city, you don’t want to miss out on anything to revive the past in your house.

And if you want to build on some of the creative ideas that we have discussed here, we have an extensive catalog to choose your vintage furniture pieces and products from. Just check out the Pepperfry website and curate your vintage masterpiece!

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7 Sophisticated Ways to Turn Your House Into a Vintage Haven