Decorating Your Home? How To Keep Your Home Green Whilst Doing So

A home can be beautiful and green if planned well.
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Have the bright sunny days of summer motivated you to liven up your tired decor? Are you yearning to create an outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining? If so, you’ve probably already been browsing through some magazines, wishfully watching home decorating and garden design magazines and visualizing the rooms you want to decorate. One of the things at the top of your priority list should be the concept of choosing environmentally friendly products for your decorating projects.

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

The popularity of outdoor living and entertaining areas continues. This is an excellent area for you to incorporate the idea of going green. Outdoor living and dining furniture made from recycled products is readily available in a variety of designs. All-weather wicker, teak, bamboo and polyethylene furniture are all eco-friendly options for your outdoor living space.

Choosing clay pots for your container garden is another way to go green with your outdoor decorating. Solar lights can be used to line a walkway, border a patio or illuminate your deck or balcony space.

Going Green With Indoor Furniture

An excellent way to decorate with the idea of helping the environment at the forefront of your mind is to reuse items you already have. You can reupholster worn out cushions with eco-friendly fabric. Repainting a piece of furniture can give it a totally new and updated look. You might want to consider re-purposing some of your furniture. For example, a small chest in the living room could be relocated to become decorative storage space in the bathroom. If buying new furniture is part of your decorating plan, be sure to purchase furniture made from recycled wood, certified wood, recycled metal or plastic or eco-friendly teak and bamboo.

Eco-Friendly Home Accessories

A budget-friendly way to redecorate your home involves changing the accessories rather than investing in new furniture. When you’re shopping for throws, accent pillows and rugs choose those made from recycled or organic material. Wall art such as picture frames, clocks, mirrors and numerous other decorative items are an affordable way to enliven a room. You can find an abundance of bamboo and teak products that can attractively be incorporated into a kitchen or bathroom redecorating project.

Large Decorating Projects

Sometimes, it is simply the right time to update appliances. You may have repainted your kitchen, added new window treatments, rugs, and possibly brought in some new furniture, but the old appliances hinder the beauty and functionality of the kitchen. Since you have made the effort to choose eco-friendly items for your summer decorating and redecorating projects, it only seems logical to choose energy star appliances to complete the update.

A bathroom update could include the addition of a water conserving toilet, flow reducers in the shower and tiles made of recycled products.


Household linens such as sheets, bedding and towels may not be at the top of your priority list when decorating to promote to a green living lifestyle, but they are a relevant part of your home design. As you toss out well-worn towels, replace them with towels made of natural material such as organic cotton. Changing your bedding ensemble is an instantaneous way to change the appearance of your bedroom. Purchasing comforters and sheets made with organic material is an attractive, healthy and eco-friendly choice.


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