Bibliophile Style_Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bookshelf

To all the book lovers out there, (P.S. you are the backbone of society)

Most of us continue to call reading our hobby, but in reality, we lost our wild appetite for reading late into the night or finishing off five different novels in a week. Recently, thanks to the free time during the pandemic, we have managed to fall right back into our old rhythms of slipping from one world to another. Though now we have a lot of books, which all need a spot on your bookshelf and look as amazing as the stories in them. Lucky for you, we have come up with a few simple ways for you to glam up those shelves like the ones on #bookstagram.

    1. Organize your books
      Ever taken a look at those shelves on Bookstagram, and have had the unexplainable urge to completely redo your shelves, but then realized how much effort it would take? Well, now you can get that look with only half the effort. The key to achieving an overall aesthetically pleasing shelf is to organize your books.And no, not using traditional methods. Try mixing it up a bit, let the already existing aesthetics of the covers work for you. Group books according to similar color families and let there be sudden breaks of colors. This allows you to achieve a gradient effect, which won’t make your collection seem overly gaudy or heavy on the eyes.


  1. Light the night
    While fireplaces seem like a much cooler lighting option, it is not possible in our modern setups. Though that does not mean we can’t have light for our shelves. Dazzle your guests with hidden and minimalistic lighting sources on your shelf.One way would be to install strip lights that give the shelves an ethereal angelic glow. A string of fairy lights continues to be a cost-effective and fun way to jazz up those shelves, while book lamps and hidden bookshelf lights are the new range if you are the type for a bit of mystery and innovation.
  2. Book merch
    Are you really a book lover if you don’t own a single piece of book merchandise? A good place to show off all your cool artefacts is none other than your very own bookshelf. Go ahead and stick those posters and high-quality fan art on the walls of your shelf, place those unrelated bobbleheads just because they match the color gradient of that section.
  3. Knick knacks
    Our bookshelves may represent the worlds we travelled through pages; however, it is still a reflection of us. So don’t be shy to add a few personal touches like a small grid of polaroids, the leaves you pressed to preserve memories from your travels. A scented candle here or there does no one any harm while placing a neat stack of handwritten letters yellowing with age near cheap gift shop souvenirs binds the found home sensation you have been trying to get.
  4. Plants
    In case your books are not the vibrant cover types, not to worry, we got you covered. Adding small potted plants on random sections of your bookshelves really does bring that extra bout of color and life to dull colored shelves.When it comes to decorating your bookshelves, it should ultimately be an original product of your thinking and the aesthetics that please your eyes the most. Do you prefer to only have your hardbacks on display and store your paperbacks in a box under the bed? Do it!Like the look of a bookshelf bursting at the seams? Stack those books two- or even three-deep! The only true design rule is that you make your space a place that you love.


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Bibliophile Style_Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bookshelf