As your house is a space you call your own, it is essential to fill it with positivity. If you wish to make your home Vastu compliant but feel like you are late to the party, please don’t! There are quite a few changes you can make to your existing home decor to bring love, light and luck to your home!

Add Mirrors To Your Household

Mirrors are super important in Vastu since they are believed to bring positivity and happiness. They are also a great decorative element for your home. Below are the few things you need to keep in mind while using mirrors for your interiors.

  • Avoid placing a mirror directly in front of your bedroom since it is considered inauspicious.
  • Place it around the house facing north.
  • Place it at least four to five feet above the floor.
  • Mirrors in bathrooms should always be sufficiently lit.
  • Always discard broken & unused mirrors from your home.

Art and Spiritual Decor

Elements of art and spirituality in your home decor can always help attract peace. Paintings and wall art are recommended not only for Vastu, but also as excellent decor items that can make for a stylish addition to your home. Just make sure you comply with the following points while adding art and spiritual decor to your place.

  • Displaying paintings in the South-west direction of your house is auspicious.
  • Paintings of serene sceneries are known to bring calm energy into your home while hanging paintings of horses are known for attracting luck and success.
  • Hanging a picture of goddess Saraswati in your place of study is also known for bringing in concentration.
  • Avoid adding wild animals to your decor as it is believed that they induce anger and conflict.
    Which colors should you use in your home?
    Vastu has a lot to say about colours, and colour psychology is a verifiable science.

    • You should use lighter hues of blues, whites, and yellows for a positive vibe around the house.
    • Avoid using dark colours on the walls or even major pieces of furniture, although you can use them in smaller decor items for contrast.
    • Bring home a rug, or an ottoman, or something similar in lighter hues and start transforming the colour palette of your home.
    • Colours like brown, black, red & grey should be avoided.

Plants Bring Positivity to Your Space

Plants are a significant symbol of positivity, and vastu encourages having many plants around your house. You can use natural plants and even flower plants, or go for artificial plants if you cannot water them every day. Apart from bringing a soothing vibe to your home, it also adds a touch of colour and nature to your rooms and livens up the space.

    • A Tulsi plant is one of the most auspicious plants you can bring into your space. Make sure to place it in the North-East direction of your home.
    • Bamboo plants are also known to harbour luck & calmness. Placing them on your coffee table also works as a great decor piece.
    • Money Plants, Snake Plants, Lavender etc. are also some great options of Vastu compliant plants that have the power to bring in good vibes into your home.

These are some easy ways to make your home Vastu compliant without having to make any significant modifications. So head on over to Pepperfry and fill your house with positivity today!

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