Bye Bye Boring Wood Work. Hello Eccentric Furniture!

Quirky yet practical furniture can cheer up any corner of your room

What do you do when you need new furniture for your home? If you are like most of us, you begin by procrastinating on the plans of purchasing new furniture. Why? Simply because furniture shopping can get tedious and frankly, boring.  Unless one has a mean experimental streak in them, our furniture shopping stays limited to the same old tables, chair, and a cupboard here, a bed their….maybe even a sofa?

Yes, it’s true. Most of us refuse to let go of rigid notions of how furniture should be. Brown, basic, easy to maintain, versatile are usually the top qualities we look for. Agreed that these abilities are important, but does it mean that the furniture we buy should always resemble the set of a 70’s Hindi movie? If you are nodding your head in agreement, then read on as we are going to tell how you can spruce up your living area with some eccentric furniture, which are btw, made to last.

To Brighten Up A Small Corner….

Its best if you pick something colourful and funky since usually the corners of a home either get ignored or get used for dumping stuff. A quirky item like the grazing horse stool will not only add a charming personality to the entire house but you can also simply use it as a decorative item. Phone stand, anyone?

Need something multi-purpose? Take a look at the Benched Horse.


Accia wood mahogany sofa

To Brighten Up The Bedroom…

Forget traditional almirahs and closets to store your stuff and give a spin to the way your bedroom looks with a Trunk Box. A trunk box is stylish, practical and will give your room a rustic yet fashionable look. Something classic like the Honey Light Trunk Box is the ideal choice in case you are looking for something with storage capacity as well.

You can also check out the Teak Wood Bras Fitted Day Bed.

To Brighten Up The Living Room…

What could be better than a stylish yet quirky sofa? You can opt for the plush leather type or go for something unique; like the Acacia Wood Mahogany Sofa Box. Besides elevating the entire appeal of your main room, it also acts as a trunk which gives you the luxury of storing items as well.

Don’t mind something artistic yet larger than life for your living room? Then this Painted Mango Wood Screen might be your choice.

Colourful carved mango wood temple

To Brighten Up The Prayer Room…

Who said a traditional prayer room should be dull when it comes to its aesthetic appeal? Give your prayer room a new expression with this gorgeous Colorful Craved Mango Wood Table as it does not get more classic yet stylish than this.

Want a grand looking home for your gods? Then check out the Mango Wood Painted Temple.


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Bye Bye Boring Wood Work. Hello Eccentric Furniture!