Interior Trends for 2014: Clean Furniture Design

Modern Furniture & Latest Interior Design Trend 2014
Clean furniture designs is the trend is 2014.
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Just like new trends in fashion are released constantly, new trends in home interior are as well brought to our attention every year. There are many amazing ideas on improving your home and keeping it fashionable and up to date. 2014 comes with its light and bright colours, simple furniture designs and distinctive bold details, all of which create a beautiful, clean and relaxing atmosphere.

If you are interested in modern design and love to be aware of what is trendy and popular, check out our list of interior trends for 2014. Here are our suggestions on great interior and furnishing designs that will conquer home fashion this year.

Colour-Dipped Furniture

Colour-dipped furniture is becoming quite a popular technique this season. It is simple, inexpensive and turns pieces of old furniture into much more lively ones. Stools are usually the easiest items that can be colour-dipped. You simply dip the legs of your stools in paint and here you have a great new member for your home interior. If you’d like to be more creative and you want to give a more playful look of a white room, you can dip the legs in different colours. You can also add a few nice bold-coloured frames on the wall and give a fun new look of the room. You can apply the same technique to coffee tables, kitchen tables or chairs.


Another trend that is becoming popular this years is furniture in turquoise colour. You can paint old furniture in white and re-upholster it in turquoise. This is an easy way to bring a very royal and elegant touch to your interior. Turquoise wall coverings is another way to use this colour at home and make a room look super trendy.

Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic is a clear transparent plastic, which looks like glass. It’s also known as ‘plexiglass’. It was popular years ago and it’s making a comeback this year. Acrylic furniture is a great option, for the fact it blends perfectly with every style and visually it takes no space. It gives a nice twist to traditional furnishing, making it look clear and modern. Acrylic is also much lighter and stronger than glass and it doesn’t yellow in sun. However, such furniture should not be cleaned with ammonia-based products. To clean acrylic, dissolve a bit of washing detergent in warm water and use a sponge. Then dry with a cloth. It’s super easy to clean and it only takes a few minutes to do it.

Blue And More Blue

Turquoise is not the only shade of blue that is popular this season. In fact, radiant orchid is considered the official colour of home interior for this year. However, different shades of blue, such as navy blue, light blue and peacock and cobalt and highly integrated in this year’s trends. From very rich to more saturated, blue is boldly entering our homes in 2014.

Elegant Kitchen

The kitchen has been a very important part of today’s homes for a long time. Therefore, this year designers have decided that kitchens needs to be pampered a little bit more. Some elegant and yet simple details are added, changing the whole look of the room. A big beautiful chandelier can make a great improvement. Choose a nice lighting fixture and add it to the kitchen to create a very modern and fancy effect.


July Minor works as a manager of CleanToPerfection after tenancy and has many years of experience in home improvement and cleaning technologies.

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Interior Trends for 2014: Clean Furniture Design