Confused About Choosing the Best Home Conservatory Designs?

Are you planning to build a conservatory merely because you want to make your house bigger for the sake of it, or do you have a purpose for it?
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If you are considering extending your property, then a conservatory is one of the most well-liked choices. Conservatories are a versatile and charming feature that can function as an indoor or outdoor entertainment area, sun room, a play room, home office, a garden room, dining room, green house, etc.

While planning to add a conservatory to your home, you may come across a wide variety of conservatories to choose from. They come is all shapes and sizes and are usually built to the specific requirements of the buyer.

There are many types of conservatory that you can pick out from, and each has their own unique design. Below you will discover the major style types.

  • The Victorian Conservatory
  • The Edwardian Conservatory
  • The Gable fronted Conservatory
  • The P-shaped Conservatory
  • The Lean-To Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory

The main style of Victorian conservatories is grounded on the orangeries that were very much famous among wealthy home owners during the seventeenth century.  Moreover, these types of conservatories are very much similar in design to traditional botanical greenhouses.

These spectacular style conservatories have gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades and can create a stunning addition to any home. These conservatories generally have a rounded wall at the end that looks attractive and makes full use of the available space. Furthermore, Victorian style conservatories are available with three or five facets. Conservatories with three facets are a classic style conservatory, which is very versatile and can suit almost all types of properties.

They usually consist of a bay front with three main windows. Conservatories with five facets are ideal for adding large living spaces to your home, which are usually consist of five main windows that gives a rounded appearance to the room.

Edwardian Conservatory

An Edwardian conservatory is sometimes also referred to as Georgian conservatory. It is similar to a Victorian, but usually has a square or rectangular plan with a flat front and a pitched roof on each side. These types of conservatories provide plenty of space that can be used as play room, storage space, dinning room, etc.

This is truly a great choice especially for those who want an extra space in their home rather that just adding a piece of modern design onto their home. These conservatories are a great combination of style and usefulness. Moreover, these conservatories are available with a double-hipped roof as well as a standard roof.

 Gable Fronted Conservatory

A gable front conservatory is generally available in a rectangular or square in style. This kind of conservatories maximizes light and space and gives a distinct style to your room. Furthermore, these conservatories have an elevated front with huge roof windows that allows light to stream in. Same as Edwardian conservatories, these conservatories also feature a square floor plan, making the most of your floor space. These classic designs are most suitable for older houses.

P-shaped Conservatory

If you are seeking to add an extra room to your home rather than just a room extension, then p-shaped conservatories are the best choice to have. These conservatories as the name suggests, are available in the shape of a letter P. Moreover, these conservatories often combine typical features of both Victorian and Edwardian designs.

In addition to that, it is also possible to split the available space into two separate functions due to its shape. As these conservatories are generally very large, they are best suited to larger properties.

Lean-to Conservatory

If you are looking for a good conservatory design with a smaller budget then lean-to conservatories is the best choice. They are probably the lowest-priced options available with a simple rectangular shape and gently sloping roof. Moreover, they are quick and easy to build and can provide a superb value for your money.

As the name suggests, they are lean to the house and can not extend too far from the supporting wall.  These conservatories are perfect for homes with comparatively small gardens as well as one storey properties. As plenty of options are available fir base walls, windows and roofs, you can choose the best according to your requirements and taste.

Hence, before you make your purchase be sure to check out the full range of designs available. These days, on-line is the best source to check for wide range of designs. Conservatory Company Cambridge is one such source to find giant choices of conservatories. Once you know the size you want, all that you just have to do is pick the right design to complement your home.


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Confused About Choosing the Best Home Conservatory Designs?