DIY Projects: Lampion and Shade Makeovers

Light is an essential part of our lives and it’s a good way to make a place more welcoming and joyful.

It’s very important for a person to feel comfortable and cosy at home, since everyone wants to make the best of the time they spend indoors. That’s why many people often try to improve something at home, be it a small decoration idea or a more complicated project. People can easily come up with a great idea to apply at home and improve their place.

This is the reason why many people use their imagination and create amazing lampshades that add a lovely vibe in the house. There are many great lampshade makeovers that a person can apply and enjoy.

Here are some tips on how to make a great lamp shade yourself.

DIY Fabric Lampshade Makeover

A nice idea to try at home is to make your own fabric lampshade makeover. What you need is a fabric marking pen, an iron, scissors, fabric glue and spray adhesive for fabrics. Measure the height and width of the lampshade and cut the fabric with the scissors according to the measurements. Then iron the fabric and make sure there are no wrinkles on it. Wrap the fabric around the lampshade and glue to it. Make sure you cover the whole surface. To finish the process, spray with a spray adhesive.

There are many different fabrics and patterns you can use and create a beautiful lamp to your taste. Use your imagination and make the best of your lamp, so that it adds a wonderful touch to the room.

Lace Lampshade Makeover

Another great lampshades makeover idea is to make one with lace. What you should start with, is to buy a balloon. You also need lace or a small lace tablecloth, that is big enough to cover the whole balloon when wrapped around . Paint them with enough of wallpaper glue, so that they soak in it.

Then hang the balloon on a string and wrap the lace on all over it. You can paint one ore coat of glue and allow the lace and the balloon to stick together. It’s best to let them stay like that overnight. When you’re done with this and you’re sure the glue has dried, pop the balloon and attach a nice cord and a lamp fitting. And there you have a beautiful and creative new lampshade.

Ribbon Lampshade Makeover

There are many wonderful ideas a person can come up with and create a lovely lampshade. Using ribbon is another super interesting way to turn your old lampshade into a super creative piece of art. To start with, buy rolls of ribbons in different colours. The colours are up to your taste. The more colourful, the more joyful your lamp will look. However, this depends entirely on your own taste and the interior of the room where you’re planning on placing the lamp. You also need glue and you’re ready to go.

Glue one of the ends of the ribbon on the inside of the lampshade. Then all you have to do is wrap the ribbon around the lampshade. Wrap and wrap till you cover it. Then use another colour and start wrapping again, but this time in another direction, so that the colours tangle and look beautiful. Wrapping it this way will give you the opportunity for a better tidy cleaning process after that.

Globe Lampshade Makeover

A super nice idea to make a lampshade yourself, is to use an old globe you have at home. This idea is great for two reasons – it’s creative and it’s ecologically-friendly, since instead of disposing the globe, you reuse it and put it back to life, making the best of it. It’s also very easy to make.

All you need is an old globe that you were planning on throwing away. Cut the globe in two halves and use one of them. Attach it on the lamp, making sure there are at least five centimetres between the globe lampshade and the bulb. Attaching it depends on the lamp itself.

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DIY Projects: Lampion and Shade Makeovers