Creating a Modern Movie Room: What Does It Take?

With the help of some extra space in your home, a quality TV or projector, comfy furniture, and a pair of solar shades, you can turn that extra space into a private, at-home movie theater.
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Are you tired of having to take out a second mortgage just to afford tickets to take the family to the movies? If this is the case, never fear, a remedy is here.

Movie Room Designs

Planning a movie room has several components to consider in order to get the maximum use out of the designated area. Consider these tips when laying out the design and decor of your private movie inner sanctum:

  • Whether you choose to use an extra bedroom or partition off part of a large room with a separate wall and door, keep in mind your home movie theater to have standard ceiling heights, controllable lighting and few windows. Rooms with high ceilings or many angles are not the best option.
  • The size of the room you choose will determine the type of video system to install. Plasma, LCD and crystal displays work well for smaller areas while projection systems work best with larger viewing areas.
  • Quality speakers and an A/V (audio/video) receiver to support the speakers are vital to providing the best sound to your home movie experience.
  • The layout of the room is equally important. In an actual movie theater, the room is designed for the optimum in visual and audio enjoyment. When designing your theater, keep the interior design and seating layout in mind when setting up the home theater system so there is balance between the two.
  • Lighting control must be considered for artificial lighting such as wall sconces or recessed lighting and natural light filtering in from outside.
  • Decorate with comfortable seating, such as plush lounge chairs and pullout sofas. Consider adding a food and beverage bar filled with assorted snacks, drinks and popcorn. Include a microwave to heat up pizza slices and wings.
  • With the extra dollars saved from purchasing movie tickets, you can enhance your movie room with more games and gaming systems, gadgets and decorative enhancements to keep your friends and family entertained 24/7.

Benefits of Solar Shades

While some may choose to use standard metal or wood blinds for window dressing, chances are, natural light will find a way to sneak in around the edges, ruining the effect of a movie room. To alleviate the natural lighting issue, Just Blinds solar shades block UV rays to reduce glare and keep the room cooler.

These shades provide savings on energy bills while creating the exact type of “dark” room necessary for a real movie theater effect.

  • Solar shades are affordable and available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. They are also available in a variety of types such as a sunscreen that filters out glare and UV rays while still allowing natural light. A solar sunscreen would help control the fading of furniture, carpets or drapes in your movie room.
  • Standard roller and solar shades also come in many colors, fabrics and backing with varying degrees of translucence and UV blockage.
  • You will experience significant savings on energy bills when installing solar shades. Because the shades absorb solar heat before it enters your home, your A/C unit won’t have to work as hard and the movie room will still be cool and comfortable.


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Creating a Modern Movie Room: What Does It Take?