Simple Ways to Clean Bed Mattress At Home

Does your mattress need to be cleaned? There are several techniques which can be used to remove stains and keep your mattress fresh.

Your toilet bowl, your kitchen sink, your entertainment system, your car, your study table – all of them are spick and span. Your whole house is almost done for spring cleaning. You’re left out with one thing and you can’t seem to figure out how on earth to clean it up.

Perhaps one of the most mind-boggling tasks for spring cleaning (or any other major cleaning at that) is cleaning the bed mattress. Linens and pillow cases are nothing in comparison but the mattress is such a distress. If only there’s a washing machine made especially for mattresses then it would be such a delight.

But there being none, we have formulated some easy ways for you to complete your spring cleaning with a 100% cleaned house down to the bed mattress.

Tip: When cleaning your bed mattress, don’t forget to tag along your pillows and other cushions.

Step 1: Brew your own Bed Cleaning Concoction

Open up your chemistry sets because we’ll be brewing up our Chemical X! As there are different stains that may dirt up your mattress, there are also different solutions in cleaning them up. For blood, there’s hydrogen peroxide. For urine and cigarette odor, there are enzyme-based cleaners. For juices or coffee stains, there are citrus-based cleaners or even vinegar.

The main ingredient in cleaning your mattress is baking soda. We are all (or at least those who clean a lot) aware of the magic of baking soda. Its odor-eliminating, stain-removing, and whitening abilities make it a great buddy for cleaners even for what we’ll use for our bed mattress.

Alone, baking soda can clean your mattress. So mix the ingredients, add a little water, pour it in a spray bottle, then there you have it; your very own bed mattress cleaner. For a touch of aromatherapy, you could add scent oils like lavender, jasmine, rose, or even strawberry to the solution.

Step 2: Use the Solution

Now that you have your own solution, use it to get rid of the stains. Spray, let it settle for a couple of minutes then gently wipe the stain out. After that, sprinkle baking soda to the whole mattress and give it time for sunbathing. Or if there’s no place for that or the weather is not that good, at least let it set overnight.

Step 3: Vacuum the Mattress

The baking soda should have eliminated the odor and drawn out dirt and moisture from within the mattress. Now it’s time for you to vacuum these debris. You could use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner for better cleaning. Make sure though you have cleaned the vacuum cleaner first or else your 1st few steps are wasted.

Now that you have cleaned your mattress, dress it up with fresh sheets and top it up with your pillow  and get ready for a nice, long sleep you truly deserve.


This is written by Alexe, a dedicated housewife and a mother of two. She also works at Divan Beds Centre, UK’s leading online suppliers of divan beds and cheap mattresses.


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Simple Ways to Clean Bed Mattress At Home