Final Touches: Accessories That Turn a House into a Home


If you want to instantly transform the colour and personality of a room in your house without having to redecorate, try using accessories for those finishing touches that can give you such pleasing results.

Here is a look at some quick and easy ways in which you can use accessories to turn your house into a home.

Seasonal makeover

Learn to be inspired by the weather outside and give your room a seasonal makeover that reflects what is going on outside your window.

Use objects and accessories that are symbolic of the colours of each particular season, with lots of reds and greens for winter working well and white pottery and flowers when spring arrives.

The relevant point to note in order to succeed with your makeover, is to have several different levels and layers of things to notice in each room, so that it brings out the right personality and is instantly recognisable as associated with the particular season.

Using rugs


Rugs can be a real focal point of any room and is often the foundation from which you build the rest of the room around.

If you search sites like, you can build up a list of stalls and shops that you can visit in order to find a suitable rug that can be used to make a statement and create the right atmosphere and colours for the season in question.



Using cushions allows you to add touches of colour and pattern to a living room with ease.

Cushions really are one of the quickest and easiest ways to influence the look and feel of a room by experimenting with different colours and patterns in order to get the seasonal look that you are after.

Don’t be afraid to try contrasting colours and whilst you might think that plum and turquoise might be an unusual combination for example, you will often be surprised how well some permutations work together, especially if you have a neutral background or cream sofa in the room.


You should take the view that accessories are similar to jewellery items, as you would never wear them all at the same time.


Swap around your accessories that are being used to dress a room to match the seasons and if you have built up a bit of a collection of trinkets and favourite items over time, try to limit those that are currently on display to about a quarter of all the items you have to work with.

Using art


You will probably have chosen your art very carefully and will there will be pieces displayed on the walls and around the house that are personal favourites and may have also been brought to fit in with a theme or colour scheme.

Try to swap items around if you can and use some seasonal pictures or objects to accentuate the season that we are currently in. A beach scene picture will be uplifting in the summer months but might look a bit out of place in the depths of winter, so don’t be afraid to rotate your artwork if you can.

Take the time to think about the accessories you are using and you should be able to achieve your goal of transforming your house into a home and have a beautifully staged room that is relevant to the season we are in.

Kevin Ellis is a digital content coordinator and marketing consultant. He enjoys blogging and sharing his ideas online. His articles mainly appear on travel and lifestyle blogs.

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