#GharBar – 6 Bar Cabinets That Made Our Jaws Drop On the Floor

If you’re here, we’re sure you take your drinks very seriously. You’re also probably looking to redo your home bar or want to set one from scratch. Whatever might be the case, you have landed at the right place. We have a vast collection of bar cabinets, all stunning, but here are the ones that managed to leave us wonderstruck!

  1. Hand-Crafted Life-Size Jack Daniel’s Bar Cabinet
    Bourbon lovers almost worship it for its smooth and mellow taste and warm amber colour. Our expert artisans have managed to capture the glory of this iconic bourbon with this life-size bar cabinet. Oh, by the way, you can place nine wine bottles and some more in the cabinet above. There is also a drawer to accommodate bottle openers etc.

  1. Hand-Crafted Life-Size Absolut Vodka Bar Cabinet
    This iconic bottle shape is perhaps the most recognizable bottle, second only to the Coca Cola bottle, but then again, we are here to talk Absolut grownup stuff like this beautiful bar cabinet & not sweet drinks.

  1. Hand-Crafted Life-Size Beer Glass Bar Cabinet
    If a glass of beer can’t cheer you up, chances are nothing will. Bring home this piece of sunshine, the synonym of good times. This pint will give you full-size pride at every house party.

  1. Hand-Crafted Life-Size Whiskey Flask Bar Cabinet
    This one is our personal favorite! If only we had bigger pockets, we would love to carry it around. This bar cabinet will certainly command everyone’s attention, be it a whiskey connoisseur or a teetotaler.

  1. Hand-Crafted Life-Size Spade Bar Cabinet
    In some cultures, this is considered a sign of good luck & good fortune, and we absolutely agree. How can it not be a sign of good luck, something that holds so many bottles for you & looks good too while doing so?

  1. Hand-Crafted Life-Size Maple Leaf Bar Cabinet
    A symbol of unity & peace, some also say it symbolizes tolerance. It is the most apt design for a bar cabinet as it shares the most common & important traits of things that it is meant to hold & protect – our booze! 😊

Since you have been so sweet and read this far, here is a bowl of chakhna for you. Enjoy! 😊

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#GharBar – 6 Bar Cabinets That Made Our Jaws Drop On the Floor