How To Do Diwali Lighting The Right Way!

Lights, Laughs & Love. That’s what Diwali is all about! The spirit of this much beloved festival lies in the grandiose at which it is celebrated throughout the country. Warm, dazzling lights shining over the joyous faces of your loved ones is what lends this festival its popular name – The Festival of Lights.

With Diwali being just around the corner, here’s a quick guide to some of our best Diwali lighting options to help you deck up your home in style!

LampsElegant & Stylish

The easiest way to brighten up your space for Diwali is opting for lamps. Floor lamps are a great addition to any space that’s missing a bit of an oomph! It not only gives the illusion of height but also adds elegance and style to your home. Decorative lamps with quirky designs are also a great statement-maker for your space.

Check out our collection of decorative and floor lamps right in time for Diwali.

Chandeliers – Royal Statement-maker

Nothing says celebration than a gorgeous chandelier shining in all its royal glory in your living room. No better time to introduce this statement piece of decor than the Festival of Lights itself!
Chandeliers act as great accent pieces in the daytime as well, making it the perfect Diwali investment for your home.

Pepperfry offers a range of trendy as well old-school chandeliers designs to suit exactly what you need.

Hanging Lanterns – Vintage & Quirky

Want your space to exude that old-school vintage charm? It’s time to deck your room with these stunning hanging lanterns. We assure you; your Diwali guests are sure to be wooed by your quirky choice of decor!

Ceiling Lights – Practical & Stylish

Imagine a delicious Diwali spread lined up on the table for your guests, but its appeal washed out because of a harsh white ceiling light on top. Create the perfect festive ambience with shades of gold with this stunner of a ceiling lamp! You can opt for softer shades in different designs and make them a permanent fixture of your home decor.

Wall Sconces – Charming & Sophisticated

Got your walls repainted on Diwali and want to highlight the new color? Wall sconces are perfect light fixtures to subtly show that off! Bring them home and watch how they imbue your decor with an old-world charm.

Details make all the difference!

Smaller Diwali lighting items like decorative candles and string lights can also change the overall ambience of your home drastically. These lighting items are not only budget-friendly but also seamlessly add that extra burst of Diwali glow in your homes!

We hope this blog helped you find some design inspiration on how to decorate your home with lights for the upcoming festival. For more ideas and options, check out the Pepperfry website and enjoy our Apno Wali Diwali sale!

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How To Do Diwali Lighting The Right Way!