We at Pepperfry spend a lot of time reflecting on ourselves and the business. While it’s a very convenient method of procrastinating :), a lot of our thought and mind-share goes into how to simplify the business and ensure transparency with all our stakeholders be it merchants, customers, investors, et all.

Folks who’ve been closely associated with us will vouch for this.

Our merchant family is about 14,000 strong. Most of who have been associated with us over our 4.5 long years of business operations. We’ve recently rolled out an initiative (driven largely by merchant partner feedback) wherein we split our commission into various services we offer them in order to serve our customers.

In an attempt to provide them a detailed overview of all charges, we’ve redesigned our commission structure into the following 3 heads.

  • Marketing Fees
  • Platform Fees
  • Shipping and Handling Charges

Further, a service tax component is charged on the total of the above three heads as mandated by government regulations.

Do note that the current net commission charged by Pepperfry has not increased due to this initiative. The intent here was to empower to our partners and help them grow and take decisions around their relationship with us.

This change is effective as of 1st September, 2016 for all the customer orders.


Deepak Sharma
Serial Slackist. Gamer. Work as a Product Manager in my free time.