Here is a Chair Guidebook to Select the Right Style

When you are setting up your dream home, you want everything to be perfect. Right from the colour palette to every piece of artefact, you want everything to come together in the narrative you are trying to create. When it comes to furniture, you want aesthetics apart from comfort. Chairs are one of the best pieces you can play around with to get the look you want. Moreover, there are so many types of chairs that you can choose a different one for each room.

Whether you want to use one to entertain your guests or wind up after a long day, there are so many chair styles that you can pick from. However, understanding different types of chairs can help you make an informed decision and select the style that suits your needs and budget. Without further ado, let us dive into understanding chair models.

Windsor Chair

Named after the English town of Windsor, this is a wooden chair. It has the characteristic wooden spindles on the back and the sides. The seat is solid, and the legs splay outwards, giving a slight recline.
You can use these types of chairs around your dining or coffee table to add a hint of old-world charm. You can also use them to give your house a cafe-like vibe with some beautiful bulb hanging and wall art .

Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs have a wing-like structure that extends from the back to the armrest. The idea of the wings was to trap the heat from the fireplace and keep the occupant warm.
These tall chairs can either be fully upholstered or have an exposed back and armrest with upholstered cushions at the back, seat and armrest. They spell comfort and are ideal for large rooms. You can keep a throw over this chair or add cushions to enhance its visual appeal and make a cosy corner.

Egg Chair

If you like a contemporary vibe and are looking for a modern chair design, an egg chair can fit well in your home. They have a rotating base, slightly rounded back and winged arms.
You can use these chairs either in your den or the entertainment room. They are also a comfortable option if you are looking for something for your bedroom.

You can also get a hanging version of egg chairs for your balcony to sip tea as you watch the sun go down or read a book as you enjoy the rains. Throw a couple of cushions to make them more comfortable.

Rocking Chair

A regular in several Indian households, a rocking chair is all things nostalgia. It blends perfectly in a vintage-styled home with exposed bricks and wooden furniture.

These types of chairs have two curving bands that connect the legs on each side. You can easily rock back and forth by simply shifting your weight. Typically they are made of wood, but you can also find an upholstered version covered with fabric or leather. You can place a small table beside them to make the space more functional.

Chesterfield Chair

These chairs are perfect if you are looking for comfortable and opulent chairs. You can use them to match your bigger sofa set or get a couple to create a cosy corner in your bedroom with a small table or a footrest.

Chesterfield chairs have the characteristic rolled arms that are as tall as the back. They have deep button tufting all over the back and the armrest. The upholstery is either deep-coloured leather or velvet.

Lounge Chair

As the name suggests, lounge chairs are comforting and relaxing. You can get an ottoman to enhance the comfort as the occupant can extend the legs on it. Imagine having this in front of the TV. You wouldn’t want to get up from there.

Apart from their functional aspect, this yellow chair also allows you to add accent pieces like grey planter , a small table or a rug to your larger scheme of things. They are also great for a transition space such as your landing or the foyer.

Womb Chair

This chair was the outcome of a challenge to design the most comfortable chair. As there is nothing comfier than a mother’s womb, this chair provides the ultimate cosiness. The best part is that they look pretty too.

These chair styles have an enveloping cushion seat covered with smooth fabric. It has a modern chair design due to its massive yet streamlined frame.

Recliner Chair

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort in your entertainment room, there is nothing better than a recliner chair. It comes with a level to extend the footrest, and the backrest can be tilted back. The chair comes with a sturdy structure with a padded back and armrests.

Also known as the lounger, this is one of those ergonomically designed types of chairs that will give you adequate lumbar support so that your back doesn’t hurt when using it for a long time.

Loveseat Chair

This chair is perfect if you are looking for a cross-section between a chair and a sofa. Perhaps the space doesn’t allow you to get a full-fledged sofa and you would like something bigger than the standard chair. As the name suggests, this loveseat sofa allows you to get cosy with your partner as you watch a movie or have your evening tea. It is designed for exactly two people to use. You can also use it to sprawl by yourself.

Desk Chair
In these post-covid times, it has become standard to have a workstation in the house. Without proper seating, your body posture goes for a toss resulting in chronic aches and pains.
A desk chair has a modern chair design that allows you to sit comfortably for long hours. A desk chair comes in multiple colours, shapes and styles, allowing you to select a model that best fits your requirements.

Summing Up
Chairs are not just accent pieces in a home. They are highly functional, offer utmost comfort and can be moved around. Moreover, they are so many types of chairs available in the market that you will be spoilt for choices. With this guide, now you can select a style that will fit into the overall scheme of your home.

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Here is a Chair Guidebook to Select the Right Style