7 Decor Ideas to Spruce up Your Hallway

While speaking about a house, many things come to your mind – the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, and even the guest room. All these spaces are considered quintessential sections of a house and naturally get enough attention when planning for their interiors. But have you ever thought of giving equal or little more priority to the hall?

Remember, this is the first place you step into while entering a house. When guests arrive at your place, they get a picture of your entire house by looking at the hall. Your taste is reflected through the choice of interiors you decide for the hall, and hence, it should be stylish, amiable, and coordinated with the rest of the home interiors. All this might sound a bit confusing for many. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed a few hall decoration ideas that will give a new definition to your home décor.

Play with Colours
Whether your home has a big living room or a small one, you can always make it look attractive with proper décor. The first step towards achieving this goal is selecting the right colours. If the living room walls are white, you can easily play with colours. You can hang colourful canvas paintings or different wall art . Whichever you choose, the size of the wall art should be in sync with the wall size. For example, for a wider wall, the wall art should be big enough to be prominent. The room will look gorgeous with these colourful decors on the walls.

Also, you can use colourful  wall shelves   to spruce up the hallway walls and enhance their look. You can use them to keep indoor plants, showpieces, photo frames , etc. A bright blue carpet on the floor can add to its beauty. Choosing the right colour combination for the hall will make it more welcoming and add a character to the entire design.

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors add a dramatic charm to your hall by creating illusionary effects. For a narrow hall, you can use an ornate round mirror to make the space look expanded and brighter. Depending on the size of the hall, you can select the shapes and styles of mirrors. According to the wall dimensions, you can decide whether to pick an oval mirror or a set of mirrors . Mirror decoration gives a very classic and contemporary touch to your hallway decoration.

Creating a Gallery Wall
A picturesque gallery wall in the hallway can take your hall interior design to the next level! It will give a warm and inviting feel to those visiting your home. The theme of this image gallery can be either from your family clicks or a melange of store-bought  paintings and quotes . You can even go for a mix and match collection.

Also, your artwork or your children’s artwork can be a great piece of décor that can be framed and used as a gallery wall décor. Whatever the choice may be, to bring out the authentic gallery wall look, you can try using small to medium-sized photo frames to cover the entire wall. The gallery wall will become a point of interest for anyone visiting your house.

Mindful Storage Ideas
The narrow passage from the entrance door of the hallway can be an ideal space where both family members and guests can leave their shoes. Also, the walls can be used for hanging coats and scarves. You can declutter the hallway passage by keeping the shoes inside the white shoe rack that serves as a resting table or a coat hanger where you can store things.

You can use the wall above the shoe rack to put up  wall hooks or wood wall shelves for hanging coats, umbrellas, scarves, and other accessories. Instead of throwing them all over, you can neatly hang them on the wall hangers  . Also, a key holder can help keep the keys safely in one place. It will eliminate the chances of throwing the keys here and there and then losing them. You can use stylish, colourful, and quirky storage designs for the passage to give a smart and organised look to the hallway design.

Light Up the Hallway
Hanging Light is an essential part of any interior décor, and when we talk about hall design ideas, it is even more an indispensable feature. Proper lighting will help set a bright and dramatic look for the hall. Sensible lighting arrangements can talk a lot about the entire hall décor.

You can create brilliance with chandeliers and trendy ceiling lights or a retro charm with glowing sconces. Try the state-of-art smart lights to display a contemporary lighting effect. Look around and see which one suits your sense of style and budget, and use it to illuminate every corner of your hallway.

Gorgeous Planters to Add Life
There’s no doubt that plants add a touch of life to whichever space they are kept. Stylish and exquisite planter stand can give your hall a green and natural effect. Try to choose any of your favourite indoor plants and arrange them in the hallway. You can place the planters on both sides of the hall entrance.
Also, a set of three planters with the choice of indoor plants can be kept in one of the hallway corners. You can use designer wall planters to create a natural gallery wall with an assortment of indoor plants. Plants are a symbol of life, and by adding them to your hall décor, you can create a vibrant aura.

Set Up a Cozy Sitting Area
A hallway decoration without a comfortable sitting arrangement is incomplete. Both family members and guests will need a place to sit while in the hall. You can place one or two comfy couches or a few sturdy armchairs to serve the purpose. Also, an elegant three-seater sofa or a vogue LHS/RHS sectional sofa can be placed to provide a relaxed experience.

Additionally, a sleek and functional coffee table to enjoy your cuppa with friends and family can be a topping for your hall decoration. Try to pep up your hall décor with life and elegance by choosing the right set of furniture that will accentuate the rest of the hallway décor.

Summing Up
Hall is considered the most significant space of any home, and thus getting it decked up in the best way can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, you can design a gorgeous hallway for your home with a little bit of creativity and patience. Try to make it a statement of style and appeal by using suitable hall décor props. With Pepperfry by your side, you can choose the right décor items and use them to decorate your hall and make it a work of appreciation.

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