Home Decor Tips For the Clueless Bachelor

How your pad look? Stylish or frumpy?
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Guys aren’t high maintenance about personal living spaces — or are we? As men grow up and mature (shock, ladies, we do), so do our living spaces. A man’s home, whether it’s a tiny urban apartment or a first house, should feel comfortable, reflect personal style and attract the ladies. If you’re making over your space into the perfect bachelor pad within your budget, keep reading, sir.

Soul Searching

Are you a T-shirt and sneakers guy who rotates through a collection of neutral-colored button-up, collared shirts for work? You admit it. You live life void of style, unapologetically. To upgrade your sense of style, AskMen recommends asking yourself, “who are you?” Sure, engage in some soul searching to describe yourself.

What are your hobbies, passions and the image you want to present to guests, ah hem, women? Once you’re confident in who you are, chasing current fashion trends won’t matter. You can focus on furniture and decorations that are a representation of your personality and true self.

If you’re an avid traveler full of wanderlust, display your souvenirs as decor. Are you a green advocate with a passion for the environment? Invest in sustainable furniture. Gamers and sports fan take note as you build your entertainment systems. After prioritizing options like broadband and cable with budget-friendly CenturyLink Bundles, keep your electronics organized; clutter can make a space aesthetically suffer.

Furniture Collection

Comfort is essential. Comfort is kicking up your feet on the coffee table with a beer in hand. To furnish your apartment, you’ll need furniture, which can be costly upfront. Build your furniture collection by starting with a sofa, which will serve as the focal point of your living room. Complement your sofa with other inexpensive furnishings.

Good Impressions

If you want a good-looking bachelor pad that will impress your dates without spending a fortune — keep it clean. A man living the solo life probably doesn’t have the motivation to maintain a sparkling bathroom or reasons to empty the sink of dirty dishes. Cleanliness will trump a dirty apartment or condo with expensive gadgets and decor. Unexpected guests, ah hem, women, appreciate a man who takes of not only himself, but where we lives. Regular cleaning will also increase the longevity of your flooring and furniture.

Organization and tidiness are just as valuable as cleanliness. Everyguyed.com stresses that your entryway is one of the most important areas to keep clean and clutter free. It immediately signals to guests that you are conscientious.

Companies offer numerous inexpensive organization solutions. From magnetic knife racks for to affordable shelving options – you’re sure to find an apparatus that will keep your belongings organized and tidy. Dear bachelor, you can also invite a pretty girl to join you on your shopping trip. Shopping and asking for a lady’s opinion is a great first, or third, date.


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Home Decor Tips For the Clueless Bachelor