Unique Furniture Pieces That Will Jazz Up your Home For Diwali

During this time of the year, most people usually bring home new furnishings, elaborate furniture pieces or repaint their walls. Do you wish to go in a different direction than usual and make a statement? Here’s a list of our favorite pieces to give you a head start.

Chaise Loungers: To Add Glamour To Your Living Room

Chaise loungers are uncommon and underrated pieces of furniture that are super chic and stylish. This stunning teal blue chaise lounger below will be an excellent choice because of its elegant design and vibrant colour.  Explore a variety of chaise loungers on our website and pick one that complements the aesthetic of your room.


Rocking Chairs: For A Touch Of Nostalgia

Rocking chairs are such a beautiful decor element that bring back some nostalgia for a time gone by. Most people remember their grandparents on rocking chairs, reading a newspaper in the morning. This Festive season, you can bring home this classic piece of furniture and add a retro style charm to your decor.


Recliners: For The Ultimate Comfort

Diwali is a super fun festival but it also involves a lot of exhausting work. All those Diyas and Lights, rangoli that takes hours to make, cooking and hosting guests can be super exhausting. Imagine relaxing on a comfy recliner after a long day of festivities and having some quiet time to yourself. We highly recommend bringing home a brand-new recliner that not only has an element of style but is also a very comfortable and functional piece of furniture to have.


A Swing: To Swing Away Your Time On

Picture this, a rainy evening spent on your balcony on a beautiful swing, munching on pakoras and sipping on a cup of chai. Sounds delightful, right? Most people believe that swings are only possible to install in a big house. However, irrespective of the space you have, you can easily integrate a swing into your home decor. Pepperfry offers a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. So this festive season, install a brand new swing for you and your family and watch how it lights up the faces of your loved ones.


That was a quick and handy list of underrated furniture pieces that you can explore for your Festive home makeover. This was just to get you started and there are loads of other options to choose from. Head over to the Pepperfry website for more design inspiration.

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Unique Furniture Pieces That Will Jazz Up your Home For Diwali