How to Declutter Your House Based on Your Personality Type?

Remember that dreadful feeling when you finally take up the monumental challenge of decluttering your house and don’t even know where to begin? Even arranging the mess on the small coffee table feels like a full-blown cardio session, and, eventually, you end up taking aspirins in bed with the broom still in your hand!

Well, there is no debating the fact that an organized house is great for your mental health and productivity, not to mention its effect on aesthetics. It is not for nothing that Jordan Peterson always says, “First of all, clean your room.”

However, with time constraints and the accompanying stress, there is no wonder that most people leave this crucial task for the weekend that never arrives. But what if we tell you that your clutter has a specific pattern, and if you recognize your personality type, decluttering could actually be fun?!

That’s right. You can actually help yourself in tidying up your house by identifying your personality traits from the categories given below. Sounds too good to be true? Just read on to find out which personality type you are and say goodbye to clutter forever!

5 Major Personality Types Based on the Their Cluttering Patterns

The Sentimentalist

If you think twice before throwing an old and shabby Winnie-the-Pooh teddy in the bin because it was the first gift from your second ex-boyfriend on your third date, you’re definitely a sentimentalist! Well, nothing wrong with keeping a nice catalog of emotional memories… until they start piling up on a hill in your house!

For such people, the key to uncluttering is a deep understanding of the consequences of such an attitude for them and their families. If you feel like you’re actually offending people by throwing away their stuff, keep a separate treasure box and only keep the most inspiring object related to every person. Even if you don’t feel like throwing over the rest, you can always donate or recycle them.

The Evader

If you can recall Ross’ hilariously messy date in Friends S4, you will understand that some people just can’t help themselves with the chaos. And when you live with someone like that, be it ‘the dirtiest girl in New York’ (in Ross’ case) or simply high-octane kids, you may feel like having no other option than just getting used to the clutter.

In such cases, the best way to go about things is to start with your part of the house, organize your possessions, and not think too much about other people’s stuff. This will make you feel better and relieve a lot of your stress. Gradually, it rubs off on other people as well and has a snowball effect.

The Materialist

Materialist clutterers are those who always want the greatest bang for their buck, and when it comes to possessions, the bang just never stops! They are so obsessed with the pains (or prices) it took them to buy the stuff that they don’t ever want to let go of them.

The best way to deal here (apart from casually watching the Thrift Shop music video from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) is to invert your cost-cutting and possessive tendencies back on yourself! Just remind yourself how much you are missing out on because of the lack of space. You can also try picturizing your dream home and see how much extra stuff you want to keep there.

The Habit Keeper

Having grown up mostly in restricted environments, habit keepers are general hoarders who like to keep garages and attics full of things ‘in case they might need them in the future’! They usually begin to tidy things up but end up with inspired ideas about every object they tackle, “Know what, maybe we can still use this.”

No point banging your head against the wall because, with such people, patience is the key. You can try to subconsciously change their habits with subtle questions, such as “Do you remember when we last used this item? ” or “Do you really think we need this?”. Gradually, they may start seeing the light through the fog and mend their ways.

The Achiever

Achievers are people who usually don’t like to keep things past their sell-by date. However, when certain objects remind them of past triumphs and achievements, things just might change.

With such people, hoarding gets worse when they experience some form of a slump in their present and stick too much to their past. The best way out in this scenario is to focus on current priorities, such as career and goals.

As things get better in the present, past obsessions dissolve, and so does the chaos.

Find Your Personality Type and Hack Your Way to a Spotless Home

By now, you must have realized what kind of an egg you are, at least in terms of cluttering and organization. And no matter if you are slightly cracked or completely hard-boiled, you can always leverage those traits to turn your house around!

But before you get psyched up and get into Sheldon Cooper’s level of organizing, head over to the Pepperfry website to find an amazing catalog of appliances to help your endeavors and explore more creative ideas for home organization.

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How to Declutter Your House Based on Your Personality Type?