Hallways are more than just the adjoining space that leads to various parts of the house. It can also be the statement piece that regulates the blood flow of the home. Give those dark hallways some luster and sparkle, and wipe away the cobwebs for an awe-inspiring paint job. Here are some ideas on how to transform your drab hallway into a cozy and welcoming corridor.

Splashes of Color


The splashes of bright color brings an air of culture and taste to make one simple, but interesting walk through this hallway. The over-sized wall decor are the perfect pieces to take up large amounts of wall space. Although the colors contrast well with each other, they’re tied together with the simple but complex texture and designs of the cultured rugs and Moroccan pendant lanterns.

Built-In Cabinets


You’ve got extra storage, display space, and a built-in bookshelf to give a custom and refined ambiance to this hallway. Being afraid to take up a little space in your hallway is quickly outweighed by the advantages of practicality.

Personalize Your Space


Even a tiny hallway can be spruced up. With a little bit of paint and a little bit of style, you can turn an emotionless space into a personal bubble of memory and taste. This is a perfect chance to display those treasured heirlooms and photographs to spark those conversational pieces into life again.

Embrace the Unusual


These unusual and contemporary items are statement pieces that provide all the decorating and adornment that’s needed. They’re used in a way to create a divided hallway space that’s modern, airy, and beautifully simple.

Also, overwhelm your walls with your much-envied art collection to put your tastes, travels, and thoughts on display. Your guests might just walk a little slower on their trip to the restroom.

Expand Your Powder-Room Closet


Found that your closet is a little small for your mounting piles of jewelry or shoes? Then why not take it to the hallway where wall space is in abundance? You’d certainly want this to be a private hallway, unless you’re not worried about sticky fingers.

Rest Stop



If you’ve got a slightly large hallway, build a bench window to bring character, comfort, and warmth to this corridor. A display of some sort in this spot will encourage its ‘rest stop’ status.

Let There Be Light



If you’ve got a hallway that borders an exterior wall, put your brave gloves on and tear it down. Dedicate this entire wall to windows, french doors, and patio entries for that breezy, luxurious, and airy atmosphere. The abundance of natural light will give a beauty to your home that’s absolutely effortless.

Whether it’s a space of art, memories, or light, the hallway deserves no less attention than the master bedroom. It’s the perfect public area to show off additional nooks and crannies in your home.

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