Memory Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress – What is Best For You?

If sleeping is something of a sensitive topic for you, then mattresses should most definitely be a topic of prime concern. Fortunately for all you sleep enthusiasts out there, there are a whole plethora of mattresses to choose from. However, you are all aware of the two most popular types of mattresses. The issue is the age-old question of which one of the two gets the edge over the other – memory foam mattress vs spring mattress, which one should you opt for and why?


There isn’t a huge difference in the pricing of these mattresses. Memory foam mattresses can range from anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 70,000 depending on the size, build quality, thickness and brand, while Spring mattresses also lie in a similar range but mostly average at INR 20,000. The ones that belong to the most superior quality category can go up to INR 55,000 – 60,000. So when it comes to the total cost of ownership both our contenders perform at a similar level.

Build Material

As their name suggests, memory foam mattresses are made of a special type of foam that is made in a way that adjusts perfectly to the shape of your body. The more you use it, the material gets used to your body shape and adjusts itself accordingly.

Spring mattresses on the other hand are made of coils and springs which is why it has a certain firmness and bounce to them. Since this factor is more subjective, not a lot can be said about this. So we move on.

Sleep Position and Body Weight

Memory foam is a clear winner on this factor. The whole purpose of foam mattresses is to contour your body perfectly, so naturally, when it comes to body weight and sleep position optimization, memory foam mattresses take the cake. 

Spinal alignment is also a big plus on the memory foam’s side. Spring mattresses maintain a rigid base and therefore do not have this feature and provide less support than foam. It is, however, a better option for back sleepers. Its rigidity makes sure it doesn’t accentuate any lower back pains you may have.


Memory foam mattresses win this one too. Because of the way it’s built, memory foam mattresses do not sag easily. The foam is less prone to damage and lasts for way longer than coils and springs that are found in spring mattresses. There is also the added hazard of coils poking out of the mattress after long use which is a pretty serious health concern. So in the battle of a memory foam mattress vs spring mattress in durability, memory foam is the clear winner.


Spring mattresses do have an edge over memory foam mattresses on this one. Since it’s made of springs and coils, it allows proper airflow and ensures that the mattress remains cool and comfortable.

The foam generally retains heat, but that problem can be solved by adding a cooling layer on top of the foam. So in reality, it is much more of a draw.


If you toss and turn frequently when you sleep, a memory foam mattress’ motion isolation technology will help absorb that movement so you don’t feel it on your side.

Spring mattresses bounce with movement, resulting in you moving whenever your sleeping partner does. In addition, the springs may make some noise as you move. 

Summing Up!

To wrap it all up, the comparison of foam mattresses vs spring mattresses leans slightly towards foam mattresses. Its motion absorption technology, joint support, and durability give it a slight edge over spring mattresses. On the other hand, spring mattresses are better options for people with back problems and are also a more budget-friendly option. The information has been laid out for you, the decision is solely yours to make.

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Memory Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress – What is Best For You?