4 Amazingly Captivating Ideas for a Small Bathroom

If your house has a small bathroom and you’re scratching your head day and night for ideas to make it look bigger and more luxurious, you’re not alone. In fact, for all we know, half the Manhattan population might be doing the same!

After all, there are only a few more worthy headaches in interior decor than designing a small bathroom. Allotting places for bathroom essentials (shower, sinks, and bathtubs) alongside finding room for accessories, such as cosmetics, medicines, and dry towels is already too much work. Add to that the task of giving a strong personality to a little space, and we have got one heck of a challenge on our hands!

But don’t worry, because that is where our experts at Pepperfry step in to save the day (that too without a Bat signal)! With our expertise, you do not have to let the space in your bathroom limit your ambitions. And, we are not talking about big-budget solutions or complete revamp either. Excited? Just read on to make your little bathing space more functional, charming, and spacious enough for you to get lost in it! Figuratively speaking, of course.

Design Tricks and Space-Saving Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

Alrighty, then. All you need to do to give fresh life to your little bathroom is tweak a little with the room components (such as windows, doors, floor plans, etc.), add new styling solutions, and find some chic storage ideas. Here are 4 broad elements for you to play around with in your bathroom.

Enhance the Lighting and Colors

Light and Bright

In a small bathroom, you do not want to overwhelm your senses with too many colors. Instead, keep things simple and serene, and allow some natural light to reflect from the windows by using light fabric curtains and soft-hued walls. Need a cue? Take a look at the background the next time you see Patrick Bateman’s iconic morning ritual in American Psycho!

Dark Theme

Or… you can go completely opposite with a dark theme to create an illusion of depth and space. This style is especially irresistible for those who have got a bit of Black Panther about them! You can even add a trap door inside for some extra mystery quotient. Just kidding (mostly)!

Wall-to-Wall Mirror

Nothing enhances the lighting and spaciousness of a small room better than a large mirror! So, if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, just install a wall-to-wall mirror to create an illusion of extra space. Plus, if you’re a true de Niro fan, you can finally perfect your Taxi Driver “You Talkin’ To Me?” impression with a mirror that big!

Be Creative with the Storage

Built-in Storage

Ever wished that all the items in your bathroom just vanished into thin air so you could finally enjoy a good shower? Well, we are all about making wishes come true! With customized built-in cabinets in an all-white bathroom, you can hide away all the clutter and stress and enjoy your own ‘Fred Flintstone Cleaning Day’. Just be careful with the neighbors while you’re singing!

Little Improvisations

If you’re still running out of space, there is always room for some good old-fashioned grandma’s DIY solutions, such as tucking up the toilet paper and extra hygiene items in a laundry basket under the sink. You can also use the toilet as an extra surface to prop up bathroom accessories.

Have Fun With the Doors

In a small bathroom, every inch matters. And if your door (or window) covers up half the space of the bathroom when it opens, the time has come to open new doors of creativity. Confused? Don’t mind the pun, and just read on!

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors for entry as well as for closet enclosures can radically increase the amount of space in your bathroom. Not to mention, their cool Japanese quotient can channel out your inner Tom Cruise from The Last Samurai!

Jib Door

If you like a classic Gothic mystery, the idea of a gib door for your bathroom comes straight out of a Victorian-era setting. With a secret bathroom behind a secret door, you are sure to feel as excited as Jane Eyre in Thornfield Hall!

Starry Skylight

No room for windows in your bathroom? No worries. Just add a skylight to the ceiling to add some nature to your space without compromising on privacy.

Improvise With the Bathware

No matter how much you optimize, you cannot throw out the shower, sink, or toilet to create extra space in the bathroom. Having said that, there are still ways to improvise with these essential elements.

Shower Stall

Install a separate shower stall with glass walls and a floating bench to get some division in the bathroom.

Mounted Toilet

A mounted toilet, without an upper tank or center pedestal, is a definite space-saver in a small bathroom.

Curvy Sink

In a small space, it’s always better to avoid sharp angles. Go for curves in the sink as well as the shower wall to make the place more optically welcome.

Hack Your Way to a Better and ‘Bigger’ Bathroom

As you see, from little powder rooms to windowless half-baths and tiny bathrooms, no matter how small your bathroom, you never have to throw in the towel! There is always a creative idea or an interesting design element that can make your bathroom look brighter and more spacious.

Design your bathroom interior with the ideas mentioned here, and check out the Pepperfry website for a catalog of products and amazing storage solutions for perfect bathrooms.

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4 Amazingly Captivating Ideas for a Small Bathroom