Say hello to the new us.

You know how we keep asking people to make a change in their homes? We thought it would be nice to practice what we preach and bring about a change in Pepperfry as well. Our logo has looked the same for a while, so shaking things up a bit and making way for something new sounded like a good idea. We’re stoked that our new identity is brighter and happier. In fact, if you squint and take a good look at the logo, you’ll see smiles in there. We did and we hope you do too, because that’s the core of why we exist and we’re poised to bring about many more smiles into your lives.


But on a serious note… in less than 6 years, Pepperfry has become the market leader in the furniture market in the country. We’ve achieved this position through a series of initiatives and innovations which have enhanced its core capabilities and inherent strengths of the managed marketplace model. This market dominance has been a journey and has not been achieved overnight – a series of market facing capabilities developed specifically for this segment have resulted in Pepperfry being able to reach this position.



The new Pepperfry logo imbibes the cultural values of intensity and inclusiveness which have helped us to develop market and consumer solutions to achieve the success and leadership that it has.

We define Intensity as the willingness to go the extra mile and to seek ground-up solutions for new problems. In a new industry “online furniture marketplace” there were many challenges – unwillingness of suppliers to provide single pieces of furniture for the retail market, lack of documented product specifications and high quality catalogue images, lack of standardisation of materials used and quality control processes, packaging material and practices that were not suited for retail shipping, no capability in the market to economically and on a timely basis ship non-standard large boxes across long distances, no last mile capabilities in terms of “apartment” specific deliveries or assembly services, etc. Using the value of intensity as the cornerstone, we developed very specific solutions and capabilities for each of the above problems and more. This Intensity continues to drive innovation on an ongoing basis and is represented in the bold font of the new logo. It is also captured in the usage of hot colours in the new logo from a deep red to a flaming orange.

Inclusiveness is another unchanging value of Pepperfry – it emerges from our core-business model of being a marketplace. It manifests in a series of attributes that help drive who we are and what guides us – we serve all customers and segments – small to big, value seekers to luxury indulgers, from modern designs to historical (ethnic and colonial) pieces, from using new material like Engineered wood to using seasoned timber and cast iron in the designs. Young millennials who are building starter homes can find what they want on Pepperfry and well-settled Gen Xers who are enhancing their lifestyle can find statement pieces on Pepperfry. We are an omni-channel player with 23 studios across the country where one can touch and feel the products and we were among the first to launch a technology forward AR-enhanced App to help consumers make superior visualisations of their homes on their mobile phones. This inclusiveness of offerings, services and attitudes forms a guiding principle for our business decisions and is represented on the new logo via the red to orange vignette that starts from P and goes onto Y. The changing colour brings a sense of dynamism to the logo and is not discrete and therefore stands for infinite possibilities of inclusiveness.

Finally, Happiness which is the main customer outcome of the Pepperfry experience, embodied in the tagline “Happy Furniture to You” forms the most striking aspect of the new logo. Buying furniture in India is not an easy task – there is no standardisation of information or materials or specifications, most of the market is still served by carpenters and unorganised shops which have huge variations in promise versus delivery across factors like design, quality, price, timelines etc. We bring our capabilities and experience to bear upon these issues and provide the buyer a happy buying experience and that is the final element of the new Pepperfry logo, the foundational design element of the new logo is the smile of a happy customer and the shape of the letters in the logo are built around the smile as a device.

And if you’re wondering why is the change happening now? In the words of our CMO, Kashyap Vadapalli:

We believe the time is right to infuse freshness into our brand and make our identity reflect our values and ethos. Today, we are the most recognised furniture brand in the country, this has been achieved through a relentless focus on delivering happiness to our consumers. We are confident that this promise will be further strengthened through our brand identity change. It is a representation of who we have become today and how we are well on our path to further dominate the furniture and home segment.

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Say hello to the new us.