Retractable Roof Care and Maintenance
Retractable roof care and maintenance is easy

Once deemed a luxury only available to grandiose sporting venues such as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, Indiana Colts, and Wimbledon, retractable roofs have now found their way in many households.

This is not a surprising development as this kinetic architectural wonder is known to offer homeowners peerless flexibility, apart from effortlessly allowing them to extend the capacity and amenities of their homes.

Considered by many to be the perfect addition to complete the attic deck or the residential pool, this wonderful engineered innovation can be attached to your home or freestanding, depending on your preference.

Once you figure out where to have it installed, your next challenge would be to equip yourself with the essentials on its care and upkeep. Fortunately, unlike other structures, maintenance of your retractable roof is both easy and straightforward.

Enumerated below are some basic retractable roof care maintenance to get you started.

1. Make cleaning the mechanism a priority. Just like most mechanical structures, you have to always make sure the drive mechanism and the track drive systems are both debris and dirt-free. You can easily pull this off by using white lithium grease at least once annually for starters.

2. Keep the gaskets clean. While gasket upkeep might seem like a challenging job at first glance, nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, cleaning the gasket at least twice a year would suffice. In addition, you surprisingly do not need anything fancy to get the job done. A clean, damp and lint-free cloth plus mild detergent will adequately do the trick. Also, using a silicone lubricating spray that is manufacturer recommended will also prove highly beneficial.

3. Observe a regular maintenance schedule. One surefire way to prolong the life of your retractable roof is having a routine maintenance schedule in place. In addition, proper caring for your retractable roofs should also include checking of nuts, bolts and springs and replacing them whenever necessary.

4.  Know what to steer clear of. It goes without saying, knowing what to avoid when it comes to upkeep is equally as important as knowing what to use and do. For instance, when caring for gaskets, avoiding mineral oil, vinyl dressing and petroleum jelly will go a long way towards ensuring the effective preservation of your retractacble roof.

Apart from its unrivalled flexibility, retractable roofs are also known for their durability. However, sans proper maintenance, these pricey assets will not operate as efficiently or cease functioning altogether.

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Retractable Roof Care and Maintenance