Small Pooja Room Designs for Apartments: Creating Sacred Spaces with Pepperfry


In today’s fast-paced modern times, spirituality has become more important than ever. Carrying forward religious traditions and praying to a higher power allows you to find hope and feel rooted, even in the thick of modernity. Taking time to sit in a sacred space to pray also allows you to meditate and find inner peace and mental clarity. However, visiting the temple to revel in tranquillity and holy silence, can be tough especially if you are a working professional or busy homemaker. But why should that stop you from practicing your spirituality?

Today, you can easily incorporate small pooja designs in apartments that aren’t too spacious or roomy. Such small pooja room designs for apartments enable you to create a sacred spiritual space right at home. Not only can you set up such mandirs as per your liking and pleasure, but they’re also designed to save space and blend seamlessly into smaller or medium-sized apartments.

Space-Saving Small Pooja Room Designs for Apartments

To help get you started, here are a few of the small pooja room designs for apartments you can pick from to ensure that you can fulfil your religious duties and practices with the utmost purity and sincerity.

Pooja Nook

One of the best ways to enjoy space-saving pooja room designs for apartments is to create a nook dedicated to your religious and spiritual practice. Whether you choose to do so in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, all you need to do is demarcate a dedicated pooja space and set it up accordingly. Often, you’ll find that your apartment’s structure already has pre-made nooks, earmarked through wall molding. You can use these embossed lines as a guide or even choose an area as per your convenience to section off as your pooja nook.

Whether you choose to situate an ornate mandir, made from marble or wood, or install sturdy pooja shelves or elegant tables to hold religious idols, photos, scriptures, and other religious paraphernalia, the choices are endless! You can also pick out overhead lights or focus lights to ensure that your temple is well lit. To add freshness, you can fill vases with freshly cut flowers or hang low-maintenance garlands made of artificial flowers. Place a mat, low-seated table, or pouffe in front of the temple so you can sit comfortably throughout your prayer sessions and pooja rituals. If you’ve got a little bit of room to spare, then a pooja nook can help fulfil all your spiritual needs and more.

If you’re worried about finding all the pooja items you need to make your pooja nook as perfect as possible, then fret not. Head to Pepperfry and find everything, from classic mandirs and seating to lights and decorations, all under one roof.

Wall-mounted Mandir

Often, if you’re living in a bustling city, it is difficult to find apartments with room to spare. Especially if you’re sharing a living space with family members or housemates, it becomes challenging to carve out space for a pooja room. However, the dearth of space does not mean that you have to let go of your spiritual practices. With innovative and sophisticated small mandir designs, you can create a sacred space even in the tiniest of apartments. Mandir designs for small flats are generally compact in width but provide enough depth to hold all your idols and religious frames.

You can even choose between mandirs with doors that swing shut or an open layout. Today, mandirs are designed to ensure save as much space as possible. You can find mandirs with attached drawers and compartments that can store items such as agarbattis, pooja books, ceremonial paraphernalia, and so on. They even come fitted with a shelf that slides out, on which you can place diyas, agarbatti stands (incense stand), smaller idols, a bell, and anything lightweight. The designs themselves range from classic and simple, featuring clean lines, to ornate with lavish carvings and embellishments. Mount them on a wall of your choice and seek out a higher power without worrying about taking up too much space.

To find mandirs of varying sizes made from premium materials like solid and engineered wood, marble, and stone, you can visit Pepperfry. We also house decorative lights, a range of diyas, thalis, and ornamental flowers to help personalize your mandir even more.

Mandir in a Cabinet

Are you living in an apartment where not only do you not have room for a pooja nook, but it’s also difficult to spare any wall space? If so, worry not! An innovative solution to your problem is to create a pooja space in a cabinet. Whether you already have a cabinet with an available compartment or are willing to invest in a brand new one, you can convert this area into a compact miniature pooja room. Not only does using a cabinet help to carve out room for your mandir, but the other sections double up as storage, helping you make efficient use of space.

You can use the cabinet compartment as is and lay out your idols, photographs, and ceremonial items on a plush cloth. Or you can purchase a small mandir, corresponding with the dimensions of the compartment, and situate it inside the cabinet. You can decorate the compartment as you would an open pooja room, with flowers and battery-operated lights. You can open the doors during your pooja session and light diyas nearby. Once done, you can shut the doors if you’d like to for privacy or keep them open; the choice is completely yours.

While a little unconventional, if you have a small space, small pooja room designs for apartments like a cabinet can suit you well. At Pepperfry, you will find cabinets of varying heights and sizes, along with mandirs that you can match, to create a unique yet functional pooja room.

While we live in modern times and cramped homes, space-saving small pooja room designs for apartments are one of the more efficient ways to have your cake and eat it too. Not only do you get to save room, but you also create a sacred space that helps you prioritize your spiritual side. To find everything you need to set up a small pooja room, from mandirs to the smallest of decorations, head straight to Pepperfry. At Pepperfry, we house a vast collection of only the most premium furniture and home décor items. To find exactly what you’re looking for, you can use our handy filter feature. Also, we enable you to buy more and spend less with our frequent deals and amazing discounts. All of this without leaving your home.

Shop online at Pepperfry and create smart homes that are perfect for you.

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