How To Decorate Your Living Room with Indoor Plants


Your living room is a space that speaks to your taste, comfort and sense of aesthetics. It is where you spend ample time with yourself and your loved ones. So, it’s vital to ensure that your living room reflects your personality, especially with things that make you feel most comfortable and peaceful.

Well, if you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your living room with something unique, fresh and vibrant – the answer may be house plants!

Indoor plants are all the rage in interior decor lately. And for good reason too. They add the perfect balance of a boho, vibrant vibe while infusing the interiors with freshness. They also beautifully balance out heavy wooden furniture with soft, green aesthetics. And boy do they make a room look modern, chic and Instagrammable!

So, regardless of whether you are a plant parent and gardening runs in your DNA or if you are not too keen on tending to plants every day, there’s something in store for everyone when it comes to indoor plants! From kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms and also bathrooms – indoor plants have become ubiquitous in home decor and we’re here for the trend to stay!

Indoor plants – Good for your Instagram, great for your health!

Apart from adding great value to any room and brightening it up, indoor plants are great for your health, too!

Plants help purify the air around them. So, having them in your living room is a great way to ensure you breathe fresh, clean air. Taking care of your indoor plants also serves as a great meditative and mindful activity that helps relieve stress and anxiety. And here’s a bonus tip: House plants carefully placed in living rooms as per Feng Shui can also send positive energy across the home! How cool is that?

Guide to the perfect indoor plants for you!

You can choose from tiny house plants to large, oversized ones depending on the aesthetic you are aiming for.

1. Cacti and Succulents:


From a bunch of cute cactus plants to gorgeous succulents, these tiny plants are a great addition to small sections of your TV unit, a side table or a desk. They can survive on the least supervision and are amongst the easiest plants to handle if you are a first-time plant parent.


Planting your tiny plant babies in these quirky swing-set planters is sure to make anyone go aww: Taller, larger plants, on the other hand, are a completely different story. There are a host of options to choose from depending on your style, ease of handling and the level of attention it requires.

Here’s a list of 4 beautiful tall plants that will make a great addition to your living room are:

2. Snake Plant


This is the perfect plant for you if you are not a big fan of gardening. These plants basically flourish when left to their own devices for a few weeks. Just remember: they are not big fans of sogginess.

Minimalistic and chic, these planters are the perfect choice to plant your wild and beautiful-looking snake plants

3. Monstera


Monsteras have been dominating the plant-aesthetic space for quite some now and why the hell not? They are one of the most statement-worthy plants and are sure to add a punch to your living space. Plus, they are pretty adjusting. They thrive in spaces with plenty of light but also don’t give up in low-light settings!

With Monsteras being so eye-grabbing, you want your planters to look minimalistic and chic

4. Money Tree


One of the prettiest looking plants, from leaves to stem, Money plants will make for great conversation starters with guests. While their leaves are bright green and catchy, what really grabs your attention are the beautiful, braided stems that look picture-perfect! They require medium to bright light and while they don’t need to be watered frequently, they do need a long drink when watered.

These adorable cane planters will make for a perfect partner to money plants without stealing any attention away from their beauty

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig


Dramatic in looks and behaviour – Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are not for people who don’t take their plants seriously. They are beautiful and will also require your care and attention. You will need to ensure they get good light and also that you don’t overwater them. Since its leaves are huge, dust may settle on them and will need to be dusted off occasionally.

A dramatic plant like Fiddle Leaf Fig requires a planter that lets its leaves bask in the limelight, just like this cute planter

The 101 on taking care of your indoor plants:

Here’s the good news: Indoor plants do not require as much care and attention as outdoor ones. However, they do need timely care in order to bloom and remain the best, fuller, brightest versions of themselves. Here are a few things you need to take care of while tending to indoor plants:

  • Overwatering is a no-no
  • Peat-free compost is the right way to go
  • Variegated plants belong near the window
  • Plants like to stay in one place, unlike us
  • They need a haircut too, like us, so they don’t get leggy

Now that your basics on indoor plants are covered, go ahead and proudly introduce your plant baby to your living room for an earthy vibe and unmatchable aesthetic.

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How To Decorate Your Living Room with Indoor Plants