Things to keep in mind when setting up a New Home

New beginnings can be exciting, but they can also be terrifying. If the idea of moving into a new home overwhelms you, do not worry, you are not alone. Uprooting your life and starting in a new place can be daunting, but can you imagine how much fun it will be to plan the home decor for your new place from scratch? Those French lace curtains you have always wanted, that Persian rug that you have drooled over, and those cute little cups that you saw on Instagram, you can try out all those things in your own home now!

So whip out your Pinterest vision board and let’s get to work on turning your new house into a home. But first, here are a few things to remember while setting up the interiors of your new home:

Mental Checklist For The Win

Do you have a truckload of furniture with no idea what to set up where? Follow these steps for a hassle-free set up process:

1. Make an inventory of all the furniture you have and divide it according to which room it has to go in. While you make the inventory, if your old sofa is not worth moving into your new house, here’s a few sofas you can consider.

2. Cross check your list with the movers to make sure everything has arrived in one piece.

3. Unload the furniture and place each item in the room that it is supposed to go in – for example, your couch, bar cabinet, TV rack should all go in the living room. At this stage, you might want to consider ordering some smaller pieces of furniture. Check out these bean bags and these coffee tables we absolutely love.

4. Once you have all the furniture in their respective rooms, you can begin to move things around and plan their placement with much more ease. And when this happens, you can fit in the remaining pieces of furniture. Here are some things you might need: a study desk, a writing table, bookshelves, night stands, and probably one of these entertainment units too.

Remember, Less Is More
Many people make the mistake of trying to make their new interiors look perfect from the get-go. This automatically translates to them buying a ton of new home decor stuff, which they eventually do not end up using. You do not want your new space to look cramped because less is always more. Prioritize functionality of items in the beginning, and with time, you can keep adding new items to your collection. So instead of buying five new wall paintings, maybe start with two. Stop reaching for your wallet every time you see a yard sale and maybe drive past that.

Reuse and Recycle
Moving into a new home is exciting, especially because you want a fresh start. But in your excitement to start from scratch, don’t throw out things you could actually use. Take stock of all your existing furniture and make sure you keep the ones that you could use. Moving into your new home and not having a single thing from your old place can make the space feel impersonal and incomplete. It’s like showing up for a celebration at your friend’s place and not spotting a single familiar face in the crowd. So use as much of your old stuff as you can and make sure to sell the rest.

For interesting styling tips on how to decorate your rooms, check out our website. A new place is nothing short of a celebration, so go join the festivity and do up your dream home in your own style! Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for more tips!

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Things to keep in mind when setting up a New Home