What to Look For While Buying Furniture Online

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Off late there has been a scarcity of time in all of our lives to give dedicated attention to even the most important things. Home being one of them. Gone are those days when families used to go out to dedicated furniture markets bustling with other people and sellers.

Luckily for us, the online furniture players are trying to understand this problem and presenting great furniture and decor online, that too with lucrative discounts.



But how does one go about buying a pricey commodity like furniture without looking and touching it. Here are the things you should look for while making a purchase.

1.   Material: For any product you decide to buy off a home furnishing site, it is important to look into what material it’s built of, since the disclaimer ‘Actual product may be different from shown in the image’ is seen often. What appears to be a metal, might just be polished cane. And even while specifically looking for a particular type of material eg. Wood, most good sites even define what kind of wood it is – Mango, Sheesham etc. so that customer makes an informed decision.

2. Price: This is something that is hard to miss anyway. However, do watch out in case of a collection of items if the price is for an individual piece or the whole set. Also, it has to be checked in advance if the shipping charges are included or not. Additionally, you can look out for discount deals on sites like CouponzGuru to buy your selected item at an even lower rate.

3. Brand:While the offline world didn’t let any single brand to emerge as a leader in this space, its online counterpart allows the customers to search by their favourite brand. Hence to get more insights into what you are intending to buy, you can search for reviews on that brand online.

4. Size: Dimensions become highly important when buying any type of furniture piece, because once again without a scale pictures can’t be totally relied upon. Thereby, especially while buying a large item, see if the dimensions match with the spot in your home you want to place it in.

5. Look into how the item is shipped: Besides the shipping charges, there are some other questions you may wish to ask – If the item arrives damaged, how do you go about sending it back? Will you have to pay for return shipping? or how long will it take to arrive? Will the people who deliver it bring it into your home, even if that means climbing steps into an upper floor apartment? and so on.

6. Assembly: After you have looked into the shipping details, don’t forget to check if it requires assembly, and if it does then who will assemble it.

If you take care of these pointers then you should be good to go. And once again don’t forget, buying online save not only time but also money, hence save as much as you can by go after discounts and coupons.

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What to Look For While Buying Furniture Online