10 Pouffes Your Living Room Absolutely Needs!

Ah, that wonderful feeling when you finally get to stretch your feet after a whole day of shoving them under office desks, tapping them in boring meetings, and pounding them on subways on the way home! Having said that, not all of us are blessed with lounger sectional sofas that can accommodate more than one pair of tired legs at a time.

So, when someone interrupts your evening-Havana-chill state to sit beside you, there are better things to do than pouting and slowly putting your legs back on the floor. What you need at that moment, more than anything else in the world is a pouffe! Now, here’s a piece of furniture that elevates both personal comfort and family bonding.

But Hang on, How is a Pouffe Different From a Footstool or an Ottoman?

Know what, we totally understand your confusion. After all, all three of them are used for propping your feet up. However, ottomans and footstools are more firm and large when compared to pouffes.

In fact, you can think of pouffes simply as giant and cuddly puffed-up cushions. Whereas, an ottoman is a larger piece of furniture with storage options, often used in place of coffee tables in the living room. Footstools, on the other hand, are more down-to-earth in terms of their style quotient and are only used as footrests (as the name suggests, duh!).

So How Can a Pouffe Serve Multiple Functions in Your House?

Alright. Now that we are done splitting hairs with definitions, let’s move on to the exciting part. Which is, a pouffe is probably the most versatile piece of furniture you will ever invest in!

First of all, the elements of cosiness and comfort that pouffes offer really make them extremely popular. Apart from that, being extremely aesthetic to look at, pouffes are also used as coffee tables or side tables in bedrooms, dressing rooms, or home offices.

If all of this is not enough, you can also choose a pouffe with storage and tuck away your softer furnishings inside them to create more space in your house.

10 Must-Have Pouffes to Elevate Style and Functionality in Your House

Pouffes are cute-looking, multi-talented, and extremely efficient; are we talking about furniture or Kevin Hart here? With so much on offer, we can bet you are already gearing up to find a pouffe that matches your interior.

Well, you don’t have to anymore since we have already put together ten of the best pouffes across popular brands and trendy designs that are also extremely functional.

Romania Round Knitted Pouffe

Add a touch of contemporary class to your living room with this round-knitted pouffe by Riance Creation. Its chunky texture and knitted rope design make it an absolute sight for sore eyes, while the beige colour fits naturally even in the most extravagantly modern living rooms!

Well, at least, we are sure Jennifer Anniston would approve, given her love for things comfy and hug-worthy in her Beverly Hills abode!

Bran Tuft Square Pouffe

This stylish velvet pouffe from Expressionist by Mohanbir comes in a royal navy blue velvet upholstery with a tufted biscuit finish. Also, its square shape is great if you like having something sturdy under your feet when you stretch out.

Jute Pouffe

Talking of sturdy, this jute natural and black pouffe by Sashaa World is strong enough to support a whole family of legs. It also comes with handcrafted woven patterns, which make each item unique in itself.

Rexi-Orion Beige Pouffe

You will love the smooth tan finish on this leather pouffe, which makes it a nice and sweet addition to any kind of interior but especially irresistible for classic vintage and retro lovers. If Tommy Shelby from the Peaky Blinders ever went out pouffe-shopping, we are pretty sure he would pick this one!

Panache Wool Yarn Pouffe

Created from one hundred percent wool, this Moroccan-inspired pouffe is handcrafted unconventionally from a combination of materials, textures, and patterns that ensures premium quality. If you love the earthy and organic vibes of Will Smith and Jade Pinkett’s California mansion, this chic pouffe in black and white is right up your alley.

Dahlia Floral Pouffe

Printed with an intricate floral design, this round multicoloured pouffe from Furnicraftin is an eclectic piece with a natural finish that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your boho interior.

Striped Pouffe in Black and White

The striking monochrome design on this pouffe is guaranteed to make it stand out even in a room full of exquisite furnishings. If you like a lot of comfy white and Carrara marble in your living room, just like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Scott Disick, grab this striped pouffe without hesitation!

Maroon Triangle Pouffe

For those who love a bit of geometrical elegance in their interior, this triangular pouffe from Lushlin is an absolute must-have. Style and function combine in this chunky pouffe with eye-catching maroon colour to create a super adorable design.

Lounge Pouffe in Black

House of Aarna brings you this lounge pouffe in a sumptuous black that will give your bedroom an extremely luxurious touch. With an elegant gold base rim, this small-yet-sturdy pouffe also comes in red, which is only going to spoil you further for choice. Our solution: Take both!

Maroon for Pink Pouffe

For an audience with a distinctly modern sensibility of interior design, this amazing dressing room pouffe from Curiocasa drips with class and luxury all over. Artistically designed and incredibly light, this product will perfectly complement the modern decor in any house.

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