How to maximize space in a small bathroom


It’s unbelievable the number of hours one spends in the bathroom. While the bathroom is an intimate space, it’s up to you to maximize the space you have in hand. Here’s what you can do:

  • Go vertical – bathrooms don’t need broad shelves, rather you need a series of vertical shelves. In fact, you don’t need too much of gap between shelves either. Just keep adding to the height.
  • Utilize corners – it’s important you don’t let corners go to waste. Place a standalone unit that acts as a dirty laundry basket or a triangular corner unit to house toiletries. Streamline the design and enhance the space.
  • Enclose the bath area – instead of using translucent shower curtains, opt for a visual divider of your bath area. While this takes care of the wet and dry zone, you’ve also clearly demarcated your options for storage.
  • Mirrors here and there – a large mirror thrown in is your best bet to create an illusion of space in a small bathroom. You can also use mirror closets to your benefit.
  • Sparkling white – however hard it sounds, a white bathroom makes it feel the largest. Lighter hues, natural light and larger floor tiles are what you can best do to get the feel of a large bathroom.


Try some out and watch the footfall in your bathroom increase.

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How to maximize space in a small bathroom