10 Traditional Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Home decor trends come and go. And often with such frightening speeds that by the time you finally get your house in perfect order – according to the trend of the times – another new wave comes along! But traditional home decor is one style that has managed to not only remain significant in home aesthetics for a long time but has also inspired similar trends with modern variations. 

The reason is fairly simple: after a period of constant chopping and changing, people finally gravitate towards comfort and stability. Or, maybe there is something about going back to our roots and Swadeshi values that makes our home truly feel like home! 

Traditional Living Room Ideas That Express Your Love of Culture 

All right, we know, we know, things got a little serious and nostalgic up there. But in fact, isn’t that what the traditional living room designs are all about; textured rugs, vintage furnishings, refined textiles, and deep contemplative colors – enough to make anyone stare out the windows thinking about Huckleberry Finns and Robinson Crusoes! 

So, we have picked up elements of some amazing traditional style living room ideas and mixed them up with the right tinge of modernity to create charming spaces that celebrate the grandeur of time-tested excellence. Here we go. 

Old-School Carpets 

Embrace Indian wool, cotton, jute, and bamboo with gorgeous and warm traditional carpets that will completely remodel the look of your living room. Including Indian handmade carpets in your decor is also a great way to show respect and love for the Indian culture and its intricate craftsmanship.  

Indian Handicraft 

Talking about craftsmanship, you would probably agree that there is hardly any match to the beautiful handcrafted figurines that represent Indian art, tradition, and culture with 100% authenticity.  

No matter how many Paul Bennetts you have got hanging in your living room, there is something about those colorful Rajasthani toy animals and bamboo hanging lamps that make us cry in admiration. 


If you hail from anywhere south of Narmada, you probably have got one of these hanging on your main door already. With mango leaves and marigold flowers in symmetrical and alternate patterns, decoration pieces like the classical Indian are the soul of traditional Indian aesthetics. 

Ethnic Patchworks 

Mirror works, Phulkaris, and Banjara designs… patchwork are a holy mess of vibrant colors and intricate design patterns, created with passion and skill handed over generations in Indian villages, enriching your sofas and tables. Doesn’t it feel incredible that a mere piece of cloth could represent so many things?  


If you’re a South Indian movie nut, you would probably have seen Shruti Hasan or Kajal Aggarwal holding one of these to welcome people at the front door multiple times. This traditional cookware is an important element of worship and home mandir designs.  

Having said that, once decorated with fragrant flowers, incandescent candles, water, and green leaves, uruli becomes way more than just a Vastu essential!  

Ancient Murals and Paintings 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then ethnic art and hand paintings – with their layers and layers of depth, craftsmanship, and intricacies – convey stories of generations that have long lived before us and thrived.  

Imagine their effect when your guests step inside your living room and get immediately awestruck with Cheriya scrolls and Madhubani paintings! Just be well-versed with their backdrop stories and philosophies to supplement this lasting first impression! 


If you want to pick one decor item that completely transforms the character of your entire living room all by itself, simply install a traditional swing. A customary scene in almost every Bollywood period movie, you can finally get a first-hand feel of the royal Indian dynasties and their customs!  

You still have a lot of options in choosing the material for your swing as they come in metal, jute, wood, and with rope ensembles.  

Timeless Furniture 

No brainer, right? Antique pieces of furniture enhance the level of elegance of your traditional living room design to a whole new level and add much-needed sophistication to carry such style with grace.  

If you’re into vintage TV shows like Peaky Blinders, you know that antique furnishings are not only significant for the setting, they are almost a character in themselves! 

Embroidered Bed Sheets and Printed Upholstery 

 When it comes to incorporating traditional textiles, you don’t need to stop at old-school bed sheets and embroidered bedspreads. With chair covers and sofas, there is room for experimentation in the traditional decor realm almost as big as your living room!  

Built-in Bookshelves 

For a traditional look, bookcases in your living room can accompany some bold perimeter molding, traditional hardware, and picture lights. Of course, if you’re at Steve Jobs’ level of attention to detail, you can line up the walls only with classics like Don Quixotes or Indian Chhayavad. 

Combine Traditional Charm and Modern Excellence with Pepperfry

With the expanse of ideas that accompany a traditional style living room, ranging from country decor to neoclassical, you are spoilt for choices anyways. Having said that, you don’t have to overdo your decor as it can take away from the authenticity and basic comforts of living (You still have to live there, remember?).

Simply head over to the Pepperfry and find the perfect combination of the right furnishings and decor items that will compliment your traditional design to a tee.

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10 Traditional Decor Ideas For Your Living Room