Easy Ways to Give your Bathroom a New Lease of Life

Your bathroom needs a quick  makeover.
Your bathroom needs a quick makeover.

What is often the smallest room in the house, gets a lot of visitors through the door. This means that your bathroom can quickly take on a bit of a tired appearance and in need of a quick makeover.

There are a number of easy ways that you can quickly give your bathroom a new lease of life without breaking the bank in the process.

Here is a look at some of the things that you can do in a weekend to get your bathroom looking fresh and new again.

Clean the grout

The shower and bath are always going to get plenty of regular use, especially in a family home. This means that the grouting between the tiles may not look as clean and presentable as it used to.

You don’t need to consider changing the tiles or even re-grouting. You can get the grout looking as good as new by using a steam cleaner like the ones you can get from karcher.co.uk, and it won’t take you long to do either.

If your steam cleaner came with a nylon or brass brush attachment, fix this to the cleaning wand so that you can gently remove any dirt or mould whilst using the power of the steam. Just start gently scrubbing the grouting area between the tiles and hopefully watch the brilliant white finish return, making the tiling look instantly more appealing.

Update your accessories

If you have had the same toothbrush holder and soap dish for a while, it might be time to change them for a fresher look.

You don’t even have to go out shopping for new ones if you are on a limited budget, as a ceramic mug and a spare bowl with a nice pattern on it that you might have going spare in the kitchen, would make a great toothbrush holder and attractive soap dish.

Splash out on a rug

If you are going to spend a bit of money on anything for your bathroom makeover, a good investment would be a good quality rug to replace your old bath mat.

Many people think that they have to buy a bathroom mat specifically, but if you buy a decent rug, it will not only look great in your bathroom, but it will easily cope with some wet feet on it without becoming damaged.

Add some artwork

A bathroom is functional of course, but it doesn’t have to be dull as well.

Add a greater feeling of decadence and luxury to the walls by hanging some artwork in your bathroom. It can be a great picture that you decide to use from somewhere else in the house or you could print out some themed pictures or photos and put them in some relatively inexpensive frames.

Mirrors make a bathroom

If you look at most successful bathroom makeovers, they often feature a beautiful or unusual mirror as the focal point of the room.

You can often find a good-sized vintage mirror if you search through a few bric-a-brac stores and online auctions. You might even be able to find one that is really cheap which you can then apply a fresh coat of lacquer to on the frame. This will transform it into a real statement piece on your bathroom wall and you will also be pleased how functional it will be whilst adding a touch of decadence.

There are many easy ways to give your bathroom a new lease of life, so get planning and enjoy the results every time you step into the room.

Finley Cole has a great passion for do-it-yourself projects. From basic remodeling and landscaping to deep cleaning, he often blogs about projects and maintenance the everyday homeowner can accomplish.

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Easy Ways to Give your Bathroom a New Lease of Life