Different Types of Wardrobes for Everyone – 2023

Let’s be honest. How long have you been thinking about revamping your old wardrobe and upgrading to a new one? Tricky question, right? Let us help you a little. If you find yourself constantly doing things like: 

  • Shoving purses inside drawers ‘cause who the hell cares anyways’, 
  • Trying to find your favorite winter gown from the depths of your closet and coming up with antique things like walkie-talkies instead; and most importantly, 
  • Shutting the closet door as quickly as possible so that you don’t fall from vertigo watching the holy mess inside, self-preservation and all. 

Now if you’ve been sweating nervously reading this, don’t. We’ve all been there, after all. That’s why we have come up with a list of inspiring wardrobe ideas that will finally get you up and moving, throw the old closet out of the window (taking out the clothes and sandals first, hopefully), and bring home a wardrobe that your clothes rightfully deserve! 

Designer-Approved Closet Ideas for a Fashionable Home

Before we get on with our wardrobe design ride, let’s make a few things clear. The perfect closet for your bedroom should not just offer easy accommodation but also match the theme of your bedroom and reflects your personality. In short, we are focusing as much on functionality as on aesthetics.

And of course, things like budget, your bedroom’s layout, and wardrobe material would always influence your choice. But hasn’t Rachel Green shown us that you don’t need to be a millionaire’s daughter to sport a wardrobe that keeps up with the fashion trends? OK, maybe not…. but let’s jump on our wardrobe wagon anyways.

All-Wood Wardrobe

To start things off, let’s indulge in the perfection of stunning angular woodwork combined with a modern walnut finish in an all wood wardrobe that boasts large storage and versatile functionality.  

This style works best when you use it as a walk-in wardrobe that separates the dressing area from the bedroom. Now doesn’t that setting remind you of a certain style icon from Sex And The City? 

Built-in Wall-Hidden Wardrobe 

Even if space is a constraint in your bedroom, you don’t have to compromise on either style or convenience. Built-in to the walls, concealed bedroom wardrobe designs are highly stylish yet highly functional, especially if you like experimenting with personas as much as David Bowie and not letting the world in on too many of your secrets! 

Two-door Wardrobe

Isn’t there something romantic about opening those two door wardrobe and wondering ‘Now, what shall I wear today?’. Luxurious, and bold, with lots of vertical shelves and drawers for storage, and a theme that matches your bedroom to a tee.  

We are getting all hyped up just opening doors; imagine when you get outside oozing style like Princess Diana! 

Twin Wardrobes for His and Her  

Fed up with getting in each other’s way while dressing for the evening? Problem solved with separate free-standing wardrobes for you and your better half. And obviously, you can always load up his half with common items like bed sheets and pillows; isn’t love all about little compromises? 

Laminated Wardrobes 

If you, like Rihanna, love shaking fashion trends up a little while being extremely environment-conscious at the same time, you can tick both of those boxes with laminated wardrobes for your bedroom. Increasingly replacing wooden wardrobes in popular trends, these heavyweights come with strength, durability, and an eco-friendly conscience. 

Sliding Door Wardrobes 

You’ve been waiting all along for this one, haven’t you? Not just to get to Narnia on the other side (maybe) but also to house your amazing collection of Ralph Laurens and Jimmy Choos sliding door wardrobes in one place you could be proud of.  

You decide the number of sliding doorz you want to have in your slif and you will still save space in your bedroom for furniture. 

Glass Enclosures 

Some of us are just suckers for specific types of clothing like hats and footwear, aren’t we? But before they start encroaching on spaces reserved for suits and trench coats, better get this amazing metal framed glass enclosure that shows off your specific quirk.  

Similarly, mounted antlers are great for displaying your specific Tom Hardy-esque Texas hat collections.  

Multi-Mirror Wardrobes 

Ever went into a party thinking you’re looking great and failed to recognize yourself from a side angle? Nope? Well, in that case, don’t ever let bad karma catch up in terrible ways. Just get yourself a three-paneled mirror wardrobe and make sure you look amazing from every conceivable angle.  

Another interesting perk of such wardrobes: they almost always make the room feel way bigger than it really is

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Different Types of Wardrobes for Everyone – 2023