12 Garden Decor Ideas That’ll Leave You Mesmerised

A garden is not just the gateway to your home but also a window to your soul. How you invest in your garden and its upkeep reflects your personality. A shabby garden is like unkempt hair. It will ruin the way you present yourself to the world. On the other hand, one that is well-maintained has a calming effect on a person’s mind. If you are among those who come alive in the lap of nature, investing in home garden decoration is a worthwhile option. Here are 12 outdoor garden decor ideas to harmonise your landscape and accentuate its welcome appeal. 

1. Outdoor plants

If you are wondering how to decorate your garden at home, begin with outdoor natural plants. The simplest and surest way to spruce up your garden’s look is to add a dash of colour to it with flowering plants. Plants like aglaonema bring vibrancy to your surroundings. A Jade plant is a versatile home garden decoration choice. You can use bamboo decor as a contrast to its polished appeal to lift the ambience of your home garden. For a more rustic touch, Cacti and succulents are your go-to plants.

2. Garden Décor Using Windchimes 

One of the best ways of channelling positive energy in your home space is to invest in wind chimes. Oh! We all love the playful sound of a wind chime ringing in our ears. Don’t we? Mix and match wind chimes made of metal and bamboo to bring out different notes of happiness. Wind chimes are among the most preferred garden decor ideas, preferably because of soothing tones that bring harmony to your natural surroundings. Home garden decoration can never go wrong with a wind chime. You can pick from the exhaustive range of wind chimes on Pepperfry to decorate your garden.

3. Garden Décor Ideas Using sculptures and figurines

Wondering how to decorate your garden path leading to your home? You can go for garden sculptures and figurines to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home garden. Place these garden décor in pots or along your garden path. They will bring out the child in you. Use these snow sheep figurines to recreate a miniature version of a mountain landscape by placing them on the rocks in your garden. Decorative pebbles are among the popular garden decor ideas. Pepperfry has a range of decorative pebbles to spruce up your green patch. 

4. Garden accents

Excellent garden decor ideas rest in the small spaces. You will be spoilt for choice with garden accents when ornamenting your home garden. There are many options to choose from – large and small planters, handmade and machine-cut ornaments, bird habitats, and animal replicas in stone and bamboo. The range is endless! You can use artificial rock planters and place ceramic birds around them. You will fall for these handmade garden accents that seem real and make a neat impression. 

5. Outdoor furniture

Add a pop of colour to your home garden with bright outdoor furniture. Bright colours add to the sunny disposition of your garden. Depending on your garden decor ideas, you can opt for garden furniture in wood, metal, plastic, and even stone. If you are short on space and garden furniture is a must, a foldable dining set can come in handy. Furniture in Rattan weave and bamboo sets are a great addition to the home garden decoration. You can also select from a range of patio furniture for decking up your garden with your choice of seating arrangement.

6. Water feature – pond, birdbath, fountain

Any water feature can create a peaceful aura with the soothing sound of water. You can install a birdbath as a home garden decoration. Go for the stone and iron ones in patina finish to add to the natural charm of your garden. If you are a lover of colours, ceramic birdbaths will liven up your garden. Victorian-style birdbath serves as a great garden decor idea for those whose taste lies in antiquity. A fountain can create a focal point, adding visual interest to the garden. A classy garden decor idea always flows effortlessly with the sound of bubbling water in the backdrop. 

7. Lanterns and outdoor lights 

Your home garden decoration is incomplete without outdoor lighting. Whether you are taking a stroll in the garden or dining under the night sky, garden lighting brings warmth and creates a magical aura that resonates with the outdoor space. Hang a Lantern to bring the old-world charm to your garden. Light up your garden decor ideas with these skilfully crafted hanging lights. Bring out the intricate play of light and shadows along your garden path with this black metal outdoor light. 

8. Swings and hammocks

Swings and hammocks bring about a casual atmosphere to your garden settings. If you are rummaging through garden decor ideas, go for swings and hammocks as they accentuate the relaxed ambience of your home garden. Swing chairs have an ethnic appeal and are a part of many Indian households. There are a variety of hammocks to choose from, which come in all sorts of colours and materials. This cotton swing chair doubles up as a hammock and is excellent for leisurely reading. A multi-colour rope hammock will make your surroundings restful.

9. Home Garden Front porch wall art 

Wall art is a great garden decor idea that can change the vibe of your garden. You can use hanging planters or wall planters to make the front of your home become a part of the natural ensemble. Alternatively, you can install rustic and antique wall arts such as this tree art in gold and copper to enhance your outdoor decor. Animal and bird designs go well with outdoor wall art. This peacock wall art in wrought iron will make a worthy decor for your wall facing the garden. Painting the walls in earthy and natural colours can also give a stylish edge to your home garden decoration. 

10. Home Garden Birdhouses and bird feeders 

Want to make the house look like a retreat in the lap of nature? Get yourself bird houses and bird feeders. They can be easily sourced for home garden decoration.  Install a hanging bird feeder that will add to your garden decor and attract your avian friends. It is an open invitation to the birdies in your area. It gets no more satisfying than birds occupying the same place as you in nature-inspired living. 

11. Home Garden Ceramic pots and planters 

Have you been stuck with this question: how to decorate your garden at home? The answer lies in pots and planters. Pots and planters are the most ubiquitous garden decor add-ons that bring a natural serenity to a place rich with greenery. There is a whole range of planters that you can choose from that will give wings to your garden decor ideas. You can choose from a wide range of fibreglass planters on Pepperfry. Investing in big planters will lend your garden a stately look. Place them on the patio or the staircase overlooking your garden. You can place them with fibreglass planters for a sharp and modern look. 

12. Space for a fire pit/barbeque if you live in a colder area 

For owners of garden homes, there is an unbeatable garden decor idea that is both utilitarian and ornamental. A fire pit will keep you warm on cold nights while allowing you to spend a weekend evening with your family outdoors. With proper lighting, it could be a tastefully done setting for a much-anticipated date. Add a barbecue with vegetables and meat on skewers, and you cannot get a more chilled out party zone than the one in your garden. 

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