Slow Decorating: How To Adapt To This New Trend And Build A Beautiful Home

Grabbing a cuppa on the way to the office, breakfast on the go, and accomplishing goals in a fast-forward mode is an acceptable way of life for the young and the restless. Despite this fast-paced lifestyle, the interior design industry now embraces the slow decorating trend, also known as slow decor.

Slow home decorating refers to people taking their own time in picking home decor designs. This trend of mindfully selecting a decor piece-by-piece is called slow decor. Trendsetters of the style thrive on design ideas done tastefully. They want to focus on the sustainability of the decoration ideas for home and not binge buy on an impulse.

This style of decoration ideas for home saves money and gives one time to pick the best options. The slow decorating trend is a rage among people who prefer accommodating diverse sets of ideas into one complete design theme but are willing to wait. Let us try and understand this fascinating new style of home decor design.

Your House, Your Rules, And Your Story

Home is an investment that is not meant for one generation. You would want it to be helpful, valuable and contemporary for the generations after you. You would like to check out different places to collect furniture, put together art pieces, accessorise the living room settings, and make the most of the available space without cluttering your home.

The slow decorating trend helps you avoid filling your house with unnecessary items. Instead, you can do extensive research and set aside a budget for any decor item you wish to invest in. You can restrain yourself from going overboard with expensive antiques and art pieces that may not sync with your taste in the interior designs later. The decoration ideas for home should be a reflection of your personality. After finalising the decision, if it is retro, modern, or minimalist, select furniture that gives wings to your ideas. If you love Indian crafts, then take your time to find exquisite handpainted cabinets and furniture items.


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Fix Your Budget

Before investing in any decoration ideas for home, you should allocate a budget for it. This process will help you in scrutinising designs which will be affordable. It will also help you avoid overspending. You might save money for an extra decor item which has caught your fancy.

Make Fewer Compromises

If you have moved to a place recently, the empty rooms and walls may be bothering you and nudging you to binge on stuff to decorate your house with accessories. Instead, slow down. Do your research on getting stylish and classy home decor designs. Spend ample time shortlisting items for the house. Check out the outlets and sites offering discounted items on sale. You might find something you had been planning at an unbelievable bargain. When you are clear about your choices, you will be able to decorate your home tastefully without making many compromises.

Learn More About Your Space

Before investing in home decor ideas for the living room, you should do the following things:

  1. Study your space in detail. It will give a fair idea about the style of furniture you want to spend your money on.
  2. If you own a compact space, go for furniture that has utilitarian value.
  3. Choose tables and sofas with retractable storage slots or additional shelves for keeping your knick-knacks. It will keep your room airy and leave you enough space to move around in the house.

Don’t go overboard with decking up the walls with paintings and wall art. It will make your house appear smaller. Your home should be well-ventilated for positive vibes and should have ample room to walk around. You can try using chic mirrors to make your rooms look big.

Furniture with storage can be a good investment for smaller homes.

Shop For Sustainable Furniture

If you plan to go for the slow decorating trend, you should make long-term plans that are also sustainable. So, invest in furniture that lasts longer instead of a piece that will need repairs and replacements. When investing in living room decor ideas, look for durable ones that will sustain for up to 10 years. Styles change every season. Invest in quality furniture and decor items which are trend-proof and ageless.

Prefer Easy Maintenance

The concept of slow home decorating makes you select affordable designs that are easy to maintain over the years. It keeps the maintenance cost low. Whether you want to varnish or paint your furniture or wash your sofas, look for alternatives that are known for low-maintenance. Cloth-based furniture is not suited for the outdoors and requires caring. Likewise, while selecting wooden furnishings, we recommended solid wood products which offer durability.

Create A Balance

When indulging in your interiors, always look for a balance in home decor designs for your household. Not all expensive furniture is classy and useful. Yes, you may indulge in expensive furniture, but there should be a balance in how it leaves space for movement in your house. You should take note of the ambient settings such as the colour of your walls, lights you use, and the style of your decor.

Does it Work? The Pros and Cons

Slow decorating, unhurried and literally ‘slow’, can have disadvantages. You can do it yourself, but how long will you wait before your home takes the desired shape? You need time and patience for slow home decorating. Before you go slow, do consider the pros and cons:


  • Quality over quantity: Like fast fashion, slow decorating favours exclusive and even antique products. The products are not mass-produced and, thus, offer better quality.
  • Good for the earth: The decor and furnishings chosen for slow home decorating are eco-conscious and sustainable. They last longer, and you don’t end up throwing stuff out frequently. Besides, it makes room for upcycling existing pieces.
  • Easier on the pocket: As the furnishings and items used last longer, they offer a better option for long-term investment.
  • No deadlines: You can take your time if you’re slow decorating your home. It takes off the pressure of doing up the house in a hurry.
  • Allows for budgeting: Taking your time before picking out the next item to add to your home can allow for better budgeting. You can save up and even find better deals.
  • Your home is trend-proof: Sustainable decor protects you from fast-emerging and receding trends.


  • Not yet done: You moved in a while ago, but your house looks unfinished. You may not find your home very cosy if you are slow decorating or fond of hosting friends. It will take some patience to adapt to a half-done space.
  • Stressful task: Slow decorating demands time and patience and thus can be stressful for those who want jobs quickly done with quick outcomes.
  • Difficult to maintain consistency: You’ve decided upon a theme and allocated a budget. You have looked up decoration ideas for home, but you may not be able to find the piece that quite fits in. Maintaining consistency in terms of design can be difficult.
  • Risky and confusing: Decorating or redoing your home demands attention to details. It can get confusing if you do it over a more extended period. It is also prone to creating a cluttered look if you’re not careful about your choices.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic and learn a few tips on slow decoration when looking for better decoration ideas for home.

  • Always remember, it should be budget-friendly, sustainable, and should fit well within the space you have.
  • Oversized sofas in a compact room would make your living room look fuller and crowded.
  • Lack of space makes even the finest homes look cluttered.
  • Simple living room decor ideas go a long way in creating an affordable and future-ready environment.
  • Create your style to make conscious budget-friendly decisions for your decoration ideas for home. Setting your trend is not only budget-friendly but also a great way of expressing your individuality.

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