5 Elegant Ideas for Your Dreamy Modern Master Bedroom

New Year is a month away, which means it’s time for new resolutions. You know, new year, new me…and new bedroom? Don’t worry; nobody’s asking you to switch to a new house, but how about switching up the layout in your chillout zone, aka the master bedroom?

And in case you are wondering, ‘why bother? It’s not like many people get to see it,’ think again! You spend at least a third of your life ion your bed (sleeping!), and we aren’t even accounting for all that Netflix and chill time.

Besides, aren’t you tired of simping over Pinterest boards of luxury modern master bedroom designs? How about getting off your phone and going for broke (not literally) and redesigning your master bedroom over the holiday season? Sounds fun, right?

Let’s get down to discussing some up-and-coming modern master bedroom ideas that will pique your imagination while inspiring you to design a room that looks ready to feature in the next home decor magazine’s issue.

5 Awe-Inspiring Modern Master Bedroom Ideas Worth Emulating

While designing a statement bed would feel like the best option to create a dreamy master bedroom, that isn’t all there is to re-upping your modern master bedroom plan. Lucky for us, there are plenty of home decor items that you can experiment with, ranging from accented walls and eclectic wallpapers to quirky treasures tucked inside all nooks and corners.

Not to forget all the beautiful bed linens and cushions on your bed! And the curtains, oh the curtains…Yeah, go ahead and blast Elton John’s curtains if that gets you into the mood.

Oh, and worry not! Whether you are planning to keep it minimal or jazz things up a little by going boho, or just want it to be dark and moody (after all, your master bedroom should reflect your personality), or desire a coastal vibe (we get it, winters can feel gloomy), we have excellent modern master bedroom ideas for everyone!

So, without ado, time for some designs to build your own opulent yet cosy master bedroom.

1. A Modern Master Bedroom Plan Demands the Right Placement

You aren’t alone if your master bedroom reflects a permanent state of disarray ever since you had to work from home. Where else would you keep your laptop, right? Well, not anymore. Even if you are working in hybrid mode, how about delineating your space a wee bit? Just use a rug to create a visual divide.

Another beautiful idea is to capitalise on your ‘view to kill for.’ If you are among the lucky few, whose apartment looks over a beautiful skyline, place furniture in a way that you can actually enjoy this view.

Fret not if you are stuck in a populated maze and lack a pretty view since the air is too dense and polluted. After all, our aim is to design our own appealing view by mimicking these ideas. Consider placing the headboard against the main wall in your master bedroom to improve your bedroom’s energy flow. Better yet, have it run across the length of the wall to get a cocooning feeling.

Need more inspiration? Time to watch Gone Girl, not for the gore, but for the designs. Or better yet, just head over to Pepperfry for some dreamy master bedroom modern headboard design options.

2. S for Symmetry in Small Master Bedroom

Haven’t we lost count of the numerous master bedroom design ideas that support decluttering your room, especially when they are small-sized? And why not? It makes the room feel…roomier and airy. But how to ensure they become vaguer too?

Try symmetry. Symmetrical beds, side tables, wall accents, paintings, and the like. Anne Hathaway’s California residence has a pink-walled room if you are looking for ways to incorporate symmetry while balancing out contemporary and vintage details.

And if storage is an issue, add some floating shelves to your wall, the new in-trend modern master bedroom design idea.

3. Light Up Your Way

Think light, think windows, think Call me by your name. Haven’t we all felt envious after watching the masterfully done rooms in it? Some of the popular modern master bedroom ideas encourage using windows as the central point of reference for organising your room’s flow.

Add a mirror , and your room will be awash in heavenly, bright light! And while you are at it, let’s not block the window by placing bulky furniture right in front of it.

In case you are saddled with a master bedroom plan with no windows? Add lights! No, not Disney lights found in every teenager’s room. Instead, dangle some hanging lights for a celestial feeling.

4. Play Up with Textures and Accents

If you were enchanted by the whimsical world of Amélie, you already know what a modern master bedroom design should have. Lots of art in different frames, or wallpapers that never match, you know, reflecting the real you.

While you don’t need to paint your master bedroom red, you should definitely play up with linens (like a reversible blanket) and unexpected wall textures.

Need a luxury modern master bedroom design idea? Re-watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Their subdued room had a marvellous texture play going, thanks to the bedding, wall art , and wall panels. And while you are at it, don’t forget to buy lots and lots of cushions.

5. Show off with a Swanky Walkway

Do you know what stinks of luxury and glamour? An open walkway! No luxury design book is complete without crooning about the sheer beauty of the spacious walkway-style design. After all, nothing can beat pacing in your own room—we are hoping it’s not with anxiety.

This means no more blocking of the way between doors. So, move your reading nook to the corner. The same goes for the furniture; try aligning it with your bed for a clean look.

Explore Pepperfry to Give Wings to Your Fired-up Imagination

We will happily take the blame for getting you all dreamy and wistful about your master bedroom after going through our modern master bedroom ideas. So, why not turn them into your reality and create your own stunning master bedroom that you won’t want to leave? So, explore Pepperfry’s catalogue and decorate your own 5-star-worthy master bedroom!

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5 Elegant Ideas for Your Dreamy Modern Master Bedroom