6 Helpful Gutter Cleaning Tips
Gutter Cleaning becomes vital considering you wish to live in a safe and clean home.

Gutter cleaning is perhaps the least favourite thing most homeowners do. After all, what’s there to like in cleaning and removing debris, let alone dealing with heights?

Although many regard it as a tedious job, such household task is somewhat vital considering you wish to live in a safe and clean home.

In line with this, here are a few helpful tips to do when cleaning your gutter.

1.       Ensure ladder safety.

Make sure to only use a safe and sturdy ladder. It would be preferable that it also contains a small shelf and has the capacity of holding a five gallon bucket, where you can place all gutter debris. Don’t forget to tie the bucket with a lanyard. Also, avoid leaning the ladder against the gutter as this can result to fracturing. If you have a single-storey home, a four-legged stepladder is much advisable. As for a two-storey home, an extension ladder is more suitable for the project.

2.       Wear gloves.

Gutters most likely contain animal droppings fraught with disease-causing bacteria. It would be wise to protect your hands against dirt and undesirable items.  Wearing of gloves also prevent you from getting cuts from old and jagged gutters. Additionally, make sure to use gloves that are made from thick and suede materials as they are more apt to use in such task.

3.       Use protective eyewear.

Cleaning the gutters might also mean destroying rodents’ and insects’ dwelling place. With that in mind, it is highly possible that once you start eradicating the clog, insects leave at a frenzied pace. Without any eye protection, you will surely be at risk of suffering from an eye injury.

4.       Unclog downspouts.

Ensure that the downspouts are debris-free so as not to cause any blockage. Force water inside the downspouts’ opening once you’re done cleaning the gutter to check whether or not they’re blocked. If you feel they remained clogged, you may use a plumber’s snake to help unclogged the blockage.

5.       Clean gutters bi-annually.

Most experts advise homeowners to clean their gutters at least twice a year, preferably in the fall and spring. Clogged gutters are usually the culprit of rainwater damage. Cleaning them bi-annually avoids blockage and reduces the chance of rust corrosion.

6.       Install gutter guards.

After thoroughly cleaning the gutter system, consider installing quality gutter guards. Such materials help you prevent the need of cleaning the system again in the conceivable future.

Following the aforementioned tips can dramatically help make the whole gutter cleaning process a little less tedious.

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6 Helpful Gutter Cleaning Tips