Tips for Making Every Room Cozy and Comfortable

There really is no place like home. It’s your fortress of solitude, your castle, your sanctuary. But, a home is also supposed to be comfortable and cozy.
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A lot of times, people overlook some really great ideas from interior designers because they either can’t afford to pay for one or they don’t really know how to design their home for comfort. It’s not hard, though. You just need to pay attention to a few details and basic design.

Use a Mix Of Old and New

A lot of people think “makeover” means ditching all of the old stuff. But, this can actually make a home feel stiff and uninviting. A comfy home needs “old stuff.” That’s what makes it comfortable and inviting. Plus, antiques can add a lot of value to the home. Worried about damaging really good, expensive, collectibles. Don’t be. Most companies, like Choice Home Warranty, cover this kind of stuff if your insurance company won’t.

Check out Choice Home Warranty on Facebook if you’re new to the idea of home warranties. They differ from insurance by providing both basic and in-depth repair and replacement of items typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. So, be comfortable. Get old stuff for your house.

Use The Right Pillows

Getting the right pillows for your bed is of paramount importance. You need a retreat. Pillows provide that oasis for you. So, the right, or best, pillows aren’t always the softest. Lay down on the pillows, buy sample pillows. Test them out at home for a month to see which ones you like best. Then, buy a bunch of them. Get 5, 10, even 20 pillows. Will it cost a lot? Yes, but you’ll never have an excuse for not having a comfortable place to lie your head.

Have Extra Blankets Within Easy Reach

You have two choices when it gets cold: turn up the heat or throw on a blanket. OK, if you have a fireplace, you have a third option. But, for practicality’s sake, the cheaper solution is a blanket. Plus, not everyone in the house might get as cold as you get. Or, other people might be colder than you if you like it cool anyway.

Use a Lot of Soft, Diffused, Lighting

A lot can be said about lighting. It’s trendy right now to use task and recessed lighting. But, no one is talking about the hazards of such lighting. First, task lighting tends to be rather intense. It casts harsh shadows in the room. Don’t believe it? Try it out. Get canned lighting and shut off all of the other lights. It’s actually harder to see.

Or, just visit someone else’s home that made this mistake. What you want is a mix – both focused and unfocused light. Soft, diffused light will provide you with a more natural type of lighting that seems to light up everything in the room evenly. It minimizes shadows, and you’ll find yourself straining less to see things indoors.


Katy Butler is constantly looking for ways to freshen up her home. When she’s not moving the furniture or changing curtains, she’s busy blogging about design online.

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Tips for Making Every Room Cozy and Comfortable