8 Creative Single Bedroom Ideas That Go Big on Space and Style

If you, like Origami Angel, have been keeping your room ‘A fuckin’ mess and out of sight’ but blaming it on space constraints, we get you! Designing a small single bedroom while keeping it stylish can feel like a mind-numbing exercise. After all, not only does a bedroom need ample storage, a dressing, and profuse lighting, but it also needs to function as a dreamy space that can put you to a good night’s sleep. Imagine cramming all that space while adding a dash of your personality–where else can you give light to all your eclectic tastes, right? 

 But what if we told you there are plentiful small single bedroom ideas that you can easily incorporate into your space while maximizing space and style? Have we piqued your interest? Read on… 

 8 Clever Single Bedroom Ploys to Invigorate Your Space 

 The layout is king for a single bedroom design. Only after finalizing the placement of your bed and furniture, can you think of doing up your single bedroom space by adding soft linens, beautifully-textured drapes, or tiny wall art pieces–hopefully, the ones that aren’t GPT-3 generated, let’s give the artists their fair due now, shall we? 

 And in case you are one of those who are unsure about their small bedroom’s layout, keep reading as we list down some of our favorite single bedroom ideas. 

1. Rugs for Layout 

 The best way to roll down the red carpet (pun intended) for some spectacular single bedroom ideas is to start with the layout. Simply add multiple carpets ranging in sizes, textures, and patterns that delineate space while giving out a feeling of functional yet cozy spaces. When bored, roleplay like Aladdin and Jasmine out on an adventure on their magical carpet, and add a tiny lamp when you are at it! 

2. Slim Down Your Headboard (Or Let Go of It) 

Time to break up with footboard-style headboards. The perfect small single bedroom idea to convert a single bedroom design into a luxurious master bedroom is to go in for a sleek headboard design. Better yet, opt for a simple platform queen size bed and add a bookcase or a storage cabinet above it, which will both maximize space and serve as a timely reminder for finishing Geetanjali Shree’s Tomb of Sand. There is no way you are missing your next book club meeting now! 

 3. Get a Trundle 

 For those of you who love hosting house parties–hopefully, not the ones like in Eyes Wide Shut, a glorious single bedroom idea is to get a trundle for all those guests that are too drunk to go back home. Else, another single bed design for the living room is to get a daybed for when you want to binge-watch through the day and crash out during the montage. 

4. Inventive With Storage 

Ain’t nobody got time to lift mattresses to use that bed box storage. Instead, add contemporary built-ins to the side that you can readily pull out at your time of need. If Bohemian decor is your style, then hide rattan baskets under the bed that don’t even make their presence felt yet provide you with lots of storage. 

Or, you could also go in for a foot-of-the-bed storage that doubles up as a decorative piece perfectly matching your super-comfy double bed for a small room. 

 5. Greet Yourself Arriving…in Your Own Mirror 

That’s the only Derek Walcott you will read for now. Mirrors are, to be honest, the most cliché and yet, the most facile single bedroom idea that you can employ while decorating your small space. A large, well-placed mirror makes the room look airy and light by reflecting off extra light. Not vampires, though, sadly. 

Note: To keep your sanity intact, consider securing the body-sized mirror with a wall tacky. 

6. Floating Shelves Not Thoughts 

If you are still jamming to Khalid chirping in on Baraz’s Floating, why not add floating shelves to your single bedroom design while you are at it? They can quadruple up as a nightstand replacement, a bookcase, a laptop desk, or simply as an entry shelf to show off all your prized trinkets and baubles. Add some wall-mounted floating shelves, since, when it comes to single bedroom ideas, you can only go up! 

 And if you are the type who prefers ladders, we got you! 

7. Gorgeously Green 

 If you haven’t jumped in on the plants’ trend yet, this should be your cue if you are looking for a fresh and sustainable single bedroom design idea. Houseplants can do away with the need for a nightstand (or can be on them!) while serving as decorative pieces that even purify the air. Else, turn plants into works of art by adding wall planters. Make Greta Thunberg proud!  

8. Light It Up

Finally, ditch the side lamps and side tables when starved of space. One of the best single bedroom ideas that need to say the light of the day are wall sconces and pendant lights. They layer up your lighting without eating up any floor space. You can even bring out the hidden Gatsby in you with a statement chandelier. 

  Deck Up Your Charming Single Bedroom With Pepperfry 

 By now, our single bedroom ideas have surely convinced you that being small doesn’t have to be boring. Right? Right? So, how about you stop cribbing about how small and lackluster your small single bedrooms are and thumb through Pepperfry’s pages and pages and pages of beautiful, home decor designs and furniture that you can add to your favorite room?  

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8 Creative Single Bedroom Ideas That Go Big on Space and Style