8 Trends You Can Use This Holiday Season in Your Home

Are you tired of browsing through pages and pages of new trends, now that you are moving into a new home or are looking to refurbish your current one? Planning your interiors is simpler when you have a specific design aesthetic in mind, such as minimalism, contemporary, or boho chic. However, things can get complicated when all you want is to give your space a little more personality to make it befitting for Instagram reels.

So, below we list some of the new seasonal trends to help you perfectly curate and embellish your home and hopefully have fun while doing it. Let’s dive in to see what resonates with your vision.

Curved Contours

Haven’t we all been absolutely enamored by the symmetrical designs showcased in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel? And yet, it is the curves that are back in fashion, just like in the 70s.

Fluid and wavy lines are all the rage as they feel like a welcome and calming relief from the sharp angularity and geometric monotony showcased by the previous trends. Feel free to experiment with arched doorways, curved furniture, soft lighting, and rounded décor items to make your space visually comforting.

Biophilic Design

With people becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, especially in the backdrop of the pandemic and the burgeoning of time spent on social media, it is no surprise that biophilic designs are popping across interior trends. For those living under a rock, biophilic designs are meant to…make you feel like you are living under a rock—just kidding.

Biophilic designs aim at bringing a natural touch to your home through earthy colors & textures and plants. And no, it isn’t solely about the potted plants lined across your windowsill or the balcony. Instead, integrate planters into your home décor by placing them next to your bed or hanging them in the living room. If you feel brave enough, then move on to full-length plant-covered walls, that would make an absolutely breathtaking background for your Instagram photos.

Timeless Neutrals

We know what you are thinking, ‘Neutral colors have been done to death.’ But what if we told you that you could light up your minimalist interiors with a dash of warm neutrals? The keyword here is ‘warm’– beiges, nudes, and creams. Still boring? Then, how about earthier tones, such as rust, camel, deep green, and lilac?

C’mon, it doesn’t have to be on the walls. You can add dashes of neutral to your curtains, upholstery, and furniture to build a cozy atmosphere.

Wall Lights

It’s time to switch things up by moving from beaming down light on your walls from up high to ‘lightly washing’ them with light beams. And no, we aren’t talking about strings of lights strewn across every teenager’s room in a Disney movie.

In fact, we are referring to wall lights that are becoming sculptural and scintillating with the onset of the new season. Good for you, there are many wall lights to choose from—pendant lights, dark smoked lights, metallic lamps, and even scalloped-edged lights. And if you are sold on earthy hues, then you can experiment with ceramic cylindrical lights. In short, time to lower your wall lights to your eye level.

Mix and Match Textures and Patterns

…Which doesn’t mean you need to be an all-out maximalist. But those with more eclectic tastes should consider mixing up different eras, patterns, styles, and textures. The simplest method is to complement florals with polka dots, wood with metal pieces, or minimal with boho designs in the 80/20 rule. Think it is too risqué for you but still want to jump on the trend, then try layering your walls through lime-washing or plaster finishes.

For our minimalist lovers, you can try integrating ocean-hued boho chic in your interiors to create a stellar statement piece. Or splash à la Emily in Paris bubblegum pink shade silk cushions on your sofas or distressed leather chairs.

Contrast Old with New

Aren’t we all saddled with heirloom objects that are dear to us but don’t fit in with the ‘modern vibe?’ Fret no more because mixing vintage in your modern fixtures is the new go-to. And for those eying vintage chairs ever since binge-watching Bridgerton, now’s your chance to spice things up. Or if you wish to go the Piku route, supplement your modern bedroom with our traditional cabinets.

Metal Fixtures

Feel like your home décor needs more enlivening? No? Think again. Mixing up warm metals like brass, gold, or copper with cool metals like silver and stainless steel is a surefire way to accentuate your room. The essence lies in highlighting and not overdoing it. So, pair up metal door knobs with wooden doors or hang metal décor pieces on your wall. Metal can particularly pack a punch for rooms painted in darker, richer hues, such as greens and blues that are surging in popularity.


Some of the greatest visual moments have been created by mirrors. Remember the spectacular scene in Inception where Ariadne puts two gigantic mirrors in front of each other to create an infinite reflection while dreaming of Paris? While we aren’t suggesting you get two full-length mirrors, we recommend leaning a full-sized mirror against a ledge or on the floor to bring out the French in you.

Beautify Your Home With Pepperfry

While we understand keeping up with trends can get high-maintenance and challenging, you should remember that trends are cyclical. So, jump on the bandwagon when you see a trend that speaks to you deeply. Want to incorporate any of these items into your room or have a similar idea that you want to act upon, then head over to Pepperfry’s catalog to explore our range of furniture, décor, and lighting.

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8 Trends You Can Use This Holiday Season in Your Home