7 Decor Ideas to Welcome Fall into Your Home

Whenever we think of fall, we have this beautiful vision of warm and cozy afternoons tinged with childhood nostalgia and a million shades of gold and auburn leaves falling from the sky. Everything seems to happen in slow motion as we wonder at the mad genius artist called nature!  

But imagine if it all didn’t have to end at your doorstep. What if things could get better as you entered your front porch, and the festive delight inside your home – filled with warm autumnal touches – could be just as exhilarating and stunning to look at? 

Festive Fall Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Seasonal Delight

Trust us; we didn’t create this straight-out-of-Meg-Ryan-movie utopia for you to shatter it like fragments of unfulfilled imagination ultimately. You’re only a couple of bold steps away from realizing the perfect vision for your dream fall house.   

And what’s more, you can execute each of the DIY ideas mentioned below with simple ingredients, such as pine cones and pumpkins, without worrying about any budget constraints that might put your Thanksgiving party in jeopardy! 

A Warm and Welcoming Front Door

What better way to begin your fall than decorating your front door and entry hall to welcome your guests with fresh flowers, cozy wallpapers , and cornhusk drapings? If anything, rewatching Gilmore Girls only comes a distant second!  

You can also glam up your outdoor setting with door wreaths filled with apples and corn, garlands, and the ever-popular fall decor element: pumpkins!  

Vintage Furniture

Include vintage furnishings from different time periods and styles, such as rustic sideboards, old velvet sofas, and wooden coffee tables to add some mystical aura to your house.

The key here is to make the vibe of the place feel lived in so that you can have no qualms while subtly suggesting to your guests how some of the furniture has been ‘handed down over generations’. Gosh, so aristocratic, Jenny! After all, you don’t mind a little self-gratification in the festive season.

Living Room Fireplace

Won’t you agree that the best thing about fall is when you sit back, relax on the recliner in front of a roaring fire and slowly doze off listening to nostalgic country music?  

But just in case you are planning to Not Wake Up Until September Ends, make sure your chimney is working out fine before you light things up! It will also do Santa’s job that much easier on Christmas Eve.  

With a fireplace and chimneys, you also get the opportunity to further add fall touches by decorating the mantel with faux leaves, guards, and pumpkins.

Pack Your Guest Rooms With Linens

With all the natural colors, sounds, and textures, it can be easy to forget what really makes a memorable festive season are the visits from friends and family over holidays and weekends.  

Fill your guest rooms with extra linen, sweaters, blankets, and lots of love, and top it off with books and fresh blooms to make the place feel homey. And if anyone doubts the choice of your crew necks, show them what they did for Chris Evans in Knives Out. That cable-knit stuff is made of legends, bruh! 

Homemade Bar and Entertainment Centre

After the guests arrive and get bowled over with your amazing fall theme decor, you need a little something to keep the party bustling with energy, don’t you? Turn any old rustic table into an entertainment station and line it up with drinks and games with November Rain on the record, and you’re guaranteed to have one helluva time with your family and friends!

Did We Mention Pumpkins?

We know you probably have a million ideas related to pumpkins for your fall decor already, right from the wicked Halloween ones to pumpkins painted and pressed with decals and autumn leaves.

Since there is no shortage of these cute little decor elements, you can have a general fall theme throughout your home by placing pumpkins in various unexpected places like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen corners, and even cupboards!

Wicked idea alert: How about a sinister, red-and-black, laughing fire-monster pumpkin in the cupboards to give a mild pre-Halloween scare? Be ready to shoot the reactions; just make sure it’s not poor Gramma!

Outdoor Setup

Probably what makes Good Will Hunting one of the most memorable fall movies is the iconic scene where Matt Damon and Robbie Williams sit on a park bench contemplating Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel with autumn leaves all around the sunlit landscape.  

Our takeaway: Even if you have no truck with architectural contemplation, you simply cannot ignore the outdoors when creating your perfect fall home. So get some terracotta planters, flowers and pots and tableware decorated with lanterns, flowers, and dishware, and throw in some plaid blankets and rugs for the best sunbathing experience. 

Change Your Decor With the Changing Season

With the changing of the seasons, transform your house with natural materials, textures, and warm hues perfect for the transition and switch on your Christian Girl Autumn mode. Explore the Pepperfry website for a catalog of decor elements that match your fall setting and introduce simple yet stunning ideas without worrying about budget! 

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7 Decor Ideas to Welcome Fall into Your Home