Add Elegance to Your Dining Space in 3 Easy Steps


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If you love hosting dinner parties, you know it’s not all about producing exquisite delights for the taste buds. You also have to create a pleasant ambiance and arrange the room in a way that makes the most impact. You may be a top-notch cook, but are you a diva of design? If not, fear not. With a few simple changes, you can transform your dining space into a party-worthy room without spending a fortune.

Make the Dining Table Stand Out

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Your dining table is the centerpiece of the room, and it should be made worthy of that honor. The Design like team advises choosing a piece that will set the tone for the room. In this case, we want elegance, so opt for a sleek wood with a polished finish that exudes finesse and will last for years to come.

If you want to keep your current table, consider covering it with a fresh, crisp white cloth. The crispness of the white is classic and easy to style into any theme.

Embellish your table with earthy but chic decorations. Southern Living recommends mixing antique mirrors with candles. This gives your table a unique look, and the light reflection off the mirror will create a beautiful, intimate ambiance.

Consider fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Nothing works better to brighten up the room and give it a fresh touch. Plus, you can match the flowers to your color scheme or choose certain types to go with your theme.

Inject Splashes of Color


If your dining space looks tired, an infusion of color might be just what it needs. With a nod to fine dining establishments and black-tie balls, black and white is the epitome of elegance.

That doesn’t mean you should follow suit. White is great to have as the backdrop and will make other colors pop.

You don’t have to overpower the room; choose one item like the set of chairs or even the cushions on the chairs to have a bright makeover. Metallic and citrus hues are popular at the moment; it depends on your personal preference.

Bright curtains or an art deco rug pull the look together with a statement. Vivid serveware or a few pretty vases add some personal pizzazz that your guests won’t forget.

Accessorize Your Space


Not all of us can afford a crystal chandelier, but SFGate Home Guides suggests you can accessorize you room with reflective items to replicate the opulence. Silver frames to display pictures and a large mirror on the wall helps reflect light and give dimension to the room.

Consider how lighting will affect the ambiance; nighttime dining will need a sophisticated covering for the windows. Visit The Shade Store for inspiration on how to dress your windows with a touch of class.

Creating an elegant look doesn’t have to take long or break the bank. If you are the creative type, you can make most things yourself. Alternately, visit your local thrift store and grab yourself some bargains.

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Add Elegance to Your Dining Space in 3 Easy Steps